TVS NTORQ 125 Roadtest Review

Background –
After launching the awaited Apache 310RR, TVS further expanded its scooter portfolio with the launch of the NTORQ125, a 125cc performance scooter on 5th February in Chennai with a price tag of Rs.58,750. India is a young country, with an average adult age of 25-30years.
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The NTORQ is specifically targeted towards the style and feature-conscious Generation Z of customers, and to woo them, TVS has loaded the NTORQ with features like the Gaming console inspired Console, with Bluetooth connected smart Speedometer having Live Navigation, Stylish Diamond cut alloy wheels, Chunky tubeless tyres, a 220mm Front Disk brake setup, a huge 22 litres boot space with a smart phone charger, app-enabled parking locator, engine kill switch, external fuel tank opening, and the list just goes on.So, we got a chance to ride the NTORQ125 for a couple of hours, and here’s our detailed review of what all the technology and TVS’s racing experience translates into.

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The NTORQ is the same scooter that TVS had first showcased as ‘Graphite’ in the 2014 Auto -Expo. Specifically targeted towards the youth, the NTORQ is inspired from a Fighter Jet, styled and sculpted to look aggressive and sharp. The inspiration was to develop a scooter which is stylish, modern, feature-loaded and sharp in design, something that caters to the Gen Z’s wants, and TVS has hit bullseye when it comes to reading what the market wants.

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The front signal lights come integrated in the handle-bar cover, while the LED headlamp is accommodated just above the mudguard, inside the front fender. The rear section of the NTORQ is one of its kind, something we have never seen before. The LED tail-lamp sits between a Fibre Vents like panel, and the signal lights come placed right below the tail unit. TVS has used a Dual-tone paint scheme with a few Carbon fibre finished panels used on the Tail section, front fender and switch gear. The NTORQ uses sharp sculpted twin grab-handles for the pillion rider to hold on to. Those 12-inch stylish alloy wheels add to the sharp and sporty looks. A NTORQ125 monogram in a catchy red colour, sits on both the sides of the rear fender, adding to the premium feel of the NTORQ…any day better than a sticker right ?!
Overall, the build quality and finishing is pretty neat and the scooter looks premium in terms of touch and feel.

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The NTORQ comes equipped with a 125cc 3-ValveBSiV configuration Engine, mated to a CVT type transmission. This mill generates a maximum power of 9.4PS@7500rpm and a maximum torque of 10.05Nm@5500rpm, which allows the NTORQ to touch a top speed of 98kmph easily. The NTORQ is the fastest in its class, to reach 0-60kmph under 9 seconds. The transmission is tuned to deliver power in the lower and the mid revs, which will allow to leave back all that Janta, at any traffic signal. The NTORQ is the most refined scooter, we have ever ridden, the engine keeps on delivering those ponies round after round, without any performance drop, even on continuous full throttle riding for hours. The engine heat sensor on the digital instrument cluster helps to keep a check on the engine heat levels. In terms of mileage, the NTORQ has got a ARIA mileage certificate of 48kmpl, which is more than enough for a performance scooter.

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Chassis, Suspension, Tyres and Brakes.
Unlike its competitors, TVS had a different take on the Chassis while designing the NTORQ. TVS has used a Under bone rectangular bone type chassis which provides better rigidity to the overall structure.On the front, TVS has used twin telescopic forks with 93mm of travel, while the rear suspension is handled by twin gas charged hydraulic spring coil suspensions. The NTORQ is the only one in its class to come equipped with a gas charged suspension, thus we wont be wrong in saying that the NTORQ is the most comfortable and refined scooter we have everridden. With a ground clearance of 155mm, the NTORQ is ready to take on off-roads and cratered roads with the same ease, with minimum shocks felt by the rider. The longer wheelbase of 1260mm also makes the NTORQ the most stable bike in corners in its class, with no wobbling or loss of traction, even at 90+ kmph.So it’s fast, agile, very comfortable, amazingly fast, but how fast does it stop?
Well, it took usless than 10m, to bring the NTORQ to halt from a whopping 90+kmph. Mind-boggling figures right? Well, the NTORQ comes equipped with a 220mm petal disk setup on the front, and a huge 130mm drum brake on the rear, which perform amazingly well,giving you that control and confidence to push your limits further, every other time.

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This is one area, where TVS has left every other manufacturer behind and set a new benchmark in the industry. The most interesting feature on the NTORQ is its Game-Boy inspired LED instrument cluster, which can be connected to your Android mobile phones via Bluetooth. The digital instrument cluster provides 55 different types of inputs to the rider, divided into 3 modes – the Street mode, the Track mode and the Ride stats mode, where info about Best Lap, Last lap, top speed, distance covered is displayed.

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TVS has launched an Android App, called the TVS NTORQ, which allows you to connect your mobile with your scooter. Once connected, the NTORQ becomes personalized, with a Welcome message for you every-time you switch it on. Not just that, incoming calls and SMS alerts are displayed on the instrument cluster, giving you details of the Caller, not just that, you can also send an Auto Reply SMS to the caller, which can be edited in the App itself. The instrument cluster also displays a Missed Call alert, in case you miss the call while riding. But the biggest leap, where TVS has won all our praise is the Navigation Assist. No more riding with one hand, because the other hand is occupied with the Mobile showing you the route. TVS has tied up with MapMyIndia, and within the NTORQ app, gives you the option to start navigation from one place to another. The complete navigation details get displayed on the Instrument cluster itself, with appropriate alerts before the turn arrives.

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Another interesting feature on the NTORQ is the Inbuilt Speed Alert, which you can set as per your needs. Comes very useful, when you are giving your bike to someone else, you can monitor his Riding style and stats directly via the App. Also, the App will send notifications on your phone, every time it crosses the Speed, mentioned in the App. The App also helps the owner, to find his scooter’s last parked location, to make life easy.Other than all these, the instrument cluster has an Engine temperature indicator, Phone Signal and Battery strength indicator, and also comes with an Auto Sync clock to make your life even easier.
Other than the instrument cluster, the NTORQ comes equipped with a Patented Air-Filter design, made from Paper and Foam which gives you a whopping 12,000kms before you need to replace it. The Head-light is a LED type, though we couldn’t test its illumination in the dark. To make the life of the rider further easy, TVS has placed the Fuel Tank Lid at the tail, unlike under the seat in conventional scooters. Also, this LID is operated with TVS’s patented Dual Switch, which when turned towards the right would open the fuel tank and turning towards the left would open the Seat. This dual lock comes placed on the rear fender.

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Speaking of the Seats, the NTORQ comes with a wide long seat, to accommodate the heaviest of people. The material used on the seat cover too looks premium, and the Red stitching adds to the classy and racing looks. The NTORQ is available in 4 matte colour combos, namely Matte Red, Matte Yellow, Matte White and Matte Green.

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Priced at Rs.58,750, TVS NTORQ isthe most refined, powerful, feature-loaded, agile and stylish scooter in the 125cc segment. To compete with the NTORQ are the Activa 125, Access125 and the recently launched Aprilia SR125, which in our experience, come nowhere close to the experience NTORQ has to offer. Simply put, The NTORQ is very practical and value for money when it comes to specs and features.

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Review – Suraj Sawant
Photography – Dr Anand Narvekar