2020 BS-6 Toyota Innova Crysta Bookings Open now

  • Toyota has opened the bookings for the 2020 BS-6 Toyota Innova Crysta across its dealerships starting today. The petrol and diesel variants of the BS-VI compliant Innova Crysta will be available in both Manual as well as Automatic Transmission options.
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Launched in 2016, the Innova Crysta has been the undisputed leader in the MPV segment known for its luxurious features, comfort, safety, powerful performance, low maintenance and high resale value, delivering Toyota’s legendary promise of Quality, Durability and Reliability (QDR).

The Innova Crysta is offered with the 2.4 Litre Diesel engine and also with the 2.7-litre petrol engine which would all now be BS-6 complaint.


Sharing his thoughts on the announcement, Mr. Naveen Soni, Senior Vice President, Sales & Service said, “The Government, auto industry and oil industry have together worked tirelessly with full commitment to usher in the cleaner BS-VI emission norms in a record time. Under these norms, the regulatory vehicle emission limits for particulate matter 2.5 (PM 2.5) will be same irrespective of the size of the car as well as for cars that run on CNG, petrol or diesel. At Toyota, we are committed to bring advanced and environment-friendlytechnologies to the Indian market and align our concerted efforts with the Government’s policies to create a greener and cleaner tomorrow. Since its launch, Innova Crysta has carved a niche for itself and maintained a leading position in the MPV segment. Often referred to as a segment creator for MPVs in India, it continues to be the most preferred MPV in the country with a segment share of 40%. It is indeed a proud moment for us to present BS-VI Innova Crysta, as we open bookings for it today at a celebratory price for a limited time period and customer orders for limited number.The launch of the BS-VI Innova Crysta, is a crucial step towards achieving the goal of minimizing emissions for a sustainable future. Innova Crysta comes with BS-VI compliant engine, an improvement of the already powerful GD-Series engines, promising low emissions and higher efficiency. We thank our customers for their unwavering support and trust in Innova Crysta and believe this BS-VI Innova Crysta will offer them the best driving experience with powerful performance, luxurious features, comfort and most importantly safety.”

The 2020 BS-6 Toyota Innova Crysta and Touring Sport prices start at Rs 15,36,000 and go up to Rs 24,06,000 Ex-showroom Delhi with deliveries starting in February 2020. Bookings for the 2020 BS-6 Toyota Innova Crysta are now open pan India at a celebratory price for a limited period and customer orders for limited number.

MT DIESEL AT DIESEL MT Petrol AT AT Petrol Diesel Petrol
2.4 G 7S MT 2.4 G 8S MT 2.4 G+ 7S MT 2.4 G+ 8S MT 2.4 GX 7S MT 2.4 GX 8S MT 2.4 VX 7S MT 2.4 VX 8S MT 2.4 ZX 7S MT (BL) 2.4 ZX 7S MT (IV) 2.8**GX 7S AT 2.8 GX 8S AT 2.8 ZX 7S AT (HB) 2.8 ZX 7S AT (IV) 2.7 GX 7S MT 2.7 GX 8S MT 2.7 VX 7S MT 2.7 ZX 7S AT 2.7 GX 7S AT 2.7 GX 8S AT 2.4 VX 7S MT 2.8 ZX 7S AT 2.7 VX 7S MT 2.7 ZX 7S AT
9I 9J R7 R8 Q7 Q8 UW UX UV RV 9Y 9Z RU UU 8M 8N 8J 8I 8K 8L 8C 8D 8F 9E
Current price* [BS4 2nd jan 2020]        15,22,000   15,27,000   15,87,000   15,92,000   16,25,000   16,30,000   19,47,000   19,52,000   21,33,000   21,33,000   17,66,000   17,71,000   22,63,000   22,63,000   15,13,000   15,18,000   18,27,000   21,23,000    16,35,000   16,40,000     21,17,000      23,67,000     19,12,000         21,91,000
New price* [BS6]        16,14,000   16,19,000   16,79,000   16,84,000   17,17,000   17,22,000   20,59,000   20,64,000   22,13,000   22,13,000   18,17,000   18,22,000   23,02,000   23,02,000   15,36,000   15,41,000   18,70,000   21,34,000    16,58,000   16,63,000     21,97,000      24,06,000     19,23,000         22,02,000
Difference             92,000         92,000         92,000         92,000         92,000         92,000     1,12,000     1,12,000         80,000         80,000         51,000         51,000         39,000         39,000         23,000         23,000         43,000         11,000         23,000        23,000          80,000            39,000           11,000              11,000
*Prices in INR
** 2.8 L previous engine capacity. Current engine capacity available in 2.4 L
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