BluArmor launches the BLU3 E20, BLU3 A10 and BluSnap2

BluArmor, a Bangalore-based start-up, has officially introduced three new products under the BLU product line. The 2020 line-up includes the BLU3 E20, BLU3 A10 and BluSnap2. All three models and other accessories can be ordered today on the BluArmor website (

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The top of the line model is the BLU3 E20 – an innovation award winner at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show – and it packs a number of never-before-seen features in a two-wheeler accessory. It reads out WhatsApp messages as they arrive, adjusts cooling and audio volume based on riding speed, supports location-triggered voice notes and can be controlled through the phone’s voice assistant and supports location-triggered voice notes. You can also listen to music, make/answer phone calls, get turn-by-turn directions and talk to your pillion with BLU3 E20.

The BLU3 E20 is the first two-wheeler accessory in the world that

  1. provides car-like comfort to two-wheeler riders by integrating physiological comfort (cooling, dust-free and defogging) with psychological comfort (assisted infotainment through Bluetooth connectivity)

  2. Simultaneously supports Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

  3. Offers a CarPlay/Android Auto-like experience for two-wheelers

  4. Use a single button for all user intents

The BLU3 E20 is priced at Rs. 4999/-.

The all-new BLU3 A10 is the 3rd generation model and offers the latest cooling tech from BluArmor. It offers best-in-class cooling comfort – riders can choose between 3 fan speeds (Regular, Turbo and Beast) with the click of a button. The Beast mode offers 2X the fan speed of the 2nd generation model, the BluSnap2. The BLU3 A10 also integrates an air deflector for tuning the direction of airflow. The all-new model is priced at Rs 2299/-.

BluSnap2, the 2nd generation model from BluArmor meanwhile has been updated for 2020 and continues to offer two-wheeler riders a steady stream of cool air. Priced at Rs 1299, it is the most affordable two-wheeler helmet cooler/dust-blocker available today in the market.

Talking about the 2020 product line, Sundararajan Krishnan (PK), Founder, CEO of BluArmor, said “We continue to innovate at a rapid pace, and are very excited to launch a range of products that cater to the rider universe. We are very excited about pushing the technology boundary and offering a range of never-before-seen features while staying true to our core vision of keeping our products affordable for the everyday commuter”

New photo by Motor World India / Google Photos

BluArmor is a three-year old, Bangalore-based, start-up founded by Sundararajan Krishnan (PK), an IIT Madras alumni, with the vision of delivering car-like comfort to two-wheeler riders. The company has released two versions of its revolutionary helmet cooler (BluSnap and BluSnap2) to the market. BluArmor has shipped ~ 12000 units of these products so far to riders in over 10 countries across South/Central America and South-East Asia. BluArmor is backed by Inventus India Capital Partners and Karnataka Semiconductor Venture Fund.

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