BMW Comes Up With A Host Of Offers To Make Ownership Easier

BMW India Financial Services has launched a new ‘Easy Start’ financial offer with a host of benefits that make it easier for customers to own a BMW or MINI of their choice. ‘Easy Start’ plan facilitates the purchase decision by bringing down the cost of ownership both in the starting period as well as in the long-term.

Ms. Kathrin Frauscher, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, BMW India Financial Services said, “The BMW Group has always stepped up to the needs of its customers. We understand their desires and are quick to offer the best solutions that bring them true joy. BMW India Financial Services has come up with a brand-new ‘Easy Start’ plan that potential customers will find hard to resist. The special offer has been designed to address possible apprehensions arising due to the economic impact of coronavirus and provide more space for liquidity during an uncertain time. Unmatched benefits like lower monthly instalments over the first few years as compared to standard loans, low rate of interest, zero cost of partpayment or restructuring ensure that the initial cash outflow is low while there are more savings overall. In short, with the ‘Easy Start’ plan, our customers don’t have to wait anymore to take home their dream BMW or MINI.”

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An important feature of ‘Easy Start’ plan is upto 40% lower equated monthly instalments for the first 2.5 years (than the standard offer). Combined with a provision of 0% down-payment, this is extremely beneficial as customers’ financial commitment remains very low for a significant period. Moreover, at any given point in time, the customers have absolute freedom to restructure the loan at zero charges as per their requirements and convenience. Depending on the cash outflow and improving business conditions, smaller EMIs can be chosen for a certain period followed by gradually increasing EMIs later.

Further adding to the plan’s attractiveness is the low rate of interest that differs depending on the model of choice. A special introductory 5.99% rate of interest is being offered currently on the BMW 3 Series, BMW 5 Series, BMW 6 Series and the BMW X3. BMW / MINI 360˚, another successful product offered by BMW Group India, also offers low monthly payments, assured buy-back value and flexible end of term options supported by the dealerships. One of the biggest advantages for the customers here is the pre-decided and guaranteed buy-back value of their BMW or MINI which is immune to the market fluctuations or demand. This buy-back value is computed on the ex-showroom price of the car instead of the retail value, further leading to direct savings for the customers. Another lucrative offer comes in the shape of BMW Flexi Offer which presents a bouquet of options to choose from. While purchasing a new car, the customers can decide where they would like to park the maximum benefits. They can choose to avail greater benefits on rate of interest from BMW India Financial Services or on the range of service and maintenance packages.

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BMW Service Inclusive, BMW Service Inclusive Plus and BMW Repair Inclusive are a range of transparent service packages that cover maintenance, inspection and wearand-tear. The packages can be upgraded or extended as per the customer’s wish. All service work is carried out using original BMW parts and packages are transferrable to the next owner, thereby enhancing resale value. Customers can make use of the recently launched BMW / MINI Contactless Experience to discover and experience the world of BMW / MINI from the comfort of their home. It enables customers to explore and buy new and pre-owned cars, book vehicle service, make payments securely online and more, all with just a click of a button.

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