BMW India holds xDrive Experience Program in Goa

Goa is the seventh city to host the BMW xDrive Experience. After Goa, the BMW xDrive Experience will be held in Delhi, Raipur, Lucknow, Jaipur and Kolkata.


BMW India held a fantastic evening for enthusiasts and owners as they got to experience the off road capabilities of BMW SUVs. The cars offered on the offroad track were the BMW X3 and the BMW X5. Both came out of various obstacles with ease and performed surprisingly well for car that were primarily built for having fun on the road. There were various obstacles that tested the approach, departure and breakover angles, and also the wading depth of the SUVs. There was also a wheel articulation section where the chassis rigidity and strength was tested to the fullest.

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The BMW xDrive is an intelligent all-wheel drive system that monitors the driving situation constantly and distributes drive power smoothly between the axles. BMW xDrive splits drive variably to the front and rear axles to suit the driving situation and the surface. Under normal driving conditions xDrive works with a basic 40/60 torque split front and rear. If there is any sudden change in requirements on account of differences in the friction values between the road surface and the driven wheels or because of the driving situation, the torque split can be varied within a fraction of a second without the driver even becoming aware of the change. BMW tunes its xDrive system to provide handling typical of rear-wheel drive. Even in normal situations on the road, all-wheel-drive BMW models send the lion’s share of drive to the rear wheels.

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Mr. Vikram Pawah, President, BMW Group India said, “BMW driving experiences offer the purest form of ‘Sheer Driving Pleasure’. The BMW xDrive Experience offers automobile enthusiasts the most exciting off-road driving experience in BMW Sports Activity Vehicle (SAVs) under expert guidance of BMW driver trainers. This adrenaline gushing driving experience demonstrates the prowess of BMW xDrive – an intelligent all-wheel-drive system. The BMW xDrive Experience is the blend of the best automotive technology and driving pleasure, while pushing these vehicles to its performance limits.”

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