Is Delhi Police ‘dating’ an Aston Martin?

Luxury cars and Police establishment will go hand in hand only if you are in Dubai. It might also, to some extent in some western countries where the Police department feels it is necessary to have big hearted luxury cars to chase that evading criminal. But, certainly not in India.


Our police department across the states are content with having decades only old Mahindra MM550 jeeps and Maruti Gypsies. The maximum that any police department has travelled closed to luxury is either a Tata Safari or a Maruti Ertiga as observed in some Indian states. But why all this gyan about Police cars you ask? Well…

Recently, a picture of an Aston Martin happily donning the Delhi Police’s logo was circulated in the Internet. This generated a lot of interest among us auto enthusiasts. So how did an Aston Martin land with Delhi Police? Or is it so?


The Aston Martin in discussion, wrapped in Delhi Police vinyl is actually not meant for Delhi Police Department at all. Though the four-door performance saloon goes with the red and blue streaks and even has a “Dial 100” message, looking very similar to the graphics on conventional Delhi patrol vehicles, it has actually been prepped up for a movie!

The Aston Martin Rapide is used for a movie shoot for a movie called ‘Drive’ starred by none other than Sushant Singh Rajput and Jacqueline Fernandez. The movie is produced by Karan Johar and he had announced the film in March. The movie is slated for a premiere in November this year.


With the high performance luxury sports car in the lead, the movie should definitely feature a couple of close chase scenes with no dearth of speed. While not much information is available right now, we are pretty sure that the movie should have a narrative as sporty and racy as the car it is expected to feature.