Renault Launches Updated ‘My Renault App’

Renault has announced the launch of an all new version of MY RENAULT App with enhanced features. With the update, the App is will provide a platform for potential customers and owners to engage with the brand. Available on Android and iOS platforms.

My Renault app 2018

The new version of the MY Renault app would now offer more than 90 exciting and innovative features, the biggest addition being the facility to explore the impressive Renault range of Duster, KWID, Lodgy and CAPTUR, along with the functionality to submit an enquiry for new car and even book a car online with the preferred Renault dealer. Taking a cue from the success of e- commerce in India, the new MY Renault would now feature an enhanced e-commerce module which would enable online purchase of Renault Accessories & Merchandize along with the possibility to get certain items home delivered in select markets. Renault India has been a pioneer in Renault global in conceptualizing an end-to-end e-commerce solution which has been tested thoroughly in select cities before being rolled out in its current version.

My Renault app 2018

The enhanced version of the MY Renault app also introduces for the first time, ‘Refer-A-Renault’ programme, wherein a customer can refer friends & relatives to buy a Renault car and gets entitled for exciting benefits. Other immersive upgrades include a much simplified yet secure account creation cum login process onto the app, apart from integration with Renault Finance and advanced service cost estimator, among a host of other features. With the enhanced MY Renault App, first version of which was launched in 2017, the company now has a solution catering to both sales & after-sales requirements of the customers.

The MY RENAULT App is connected to Renault Connect, Renault’s Dealer Management System (DMS), which makes the dealers seamlessly integrated into the process for all the transactions taking place through the app. DMS integration also enables a secure registration and login process for customers on to the App, as earlier, however, the process being simplified to enhance user experience. Apart from DMS, the App also integrates information from various other systems like road side assistance, customer care, payment gateway, SMS & e-mail engines to provide customers a unique brand experience across the vehicle ownership cycle right from new vehicle enquiry stage. Servicing of Renault cars have been made more convenient for its customers in the new version of the MY RENAULT APP which now allows customers to keep a track on the service expenses. Renault has also added a fuel log feature enabling customers to monitor the fuel efficiency of their cars.

MY RENAULT APP 2 - My Shop -1

Other features from the earlier version which get extended in the new one include access to service history of vehicles, personalized reminders & notifications, online service appointments, interactive user manual for vehicles, easy access to dealerships & customer care, digital vaults for document storage and convenient e-payment facility.

Renault India has embarked on enhancing its innovative after-sales and service initiatives along with its robust portfolio offerings to provide an end-to-end seamless brand ownership experience to its customers. While expanding the product portfolio will be pivotal as part of Renault’s long-term commitment to India, Renault wants to carve a niche for itself by staying at the forefront of after-sales and service experience in the evolving Indian automobile landscape.