Goa plans to launch two wheeler ambulance services from July

Taking cue from Karnataka, Goan Health Department is planning to set up a two wheeler ambulance service from July to deal with emergencies in the state, especially across the tourism belt.


The Health Minister of the state, Vishwajit Rane has informed that the paramedics will ride these two wheeler ambulances to the locations where any emergency is reported and do so in a record time. Since the two wheeler ambulances would be able to zip through the traffic and the narrow lanes, it could act as a life saver to many in case of any casualities. Mr.Rane, while reviewing the working of ‘108’ ambulances in the state, also added that all the medical equipment related to stabilize the patient’s health condition would be made available in these vehicles.

Mr.Rane further commented that two wheeler ambulance services of these types are already put in place in the state of Karnataka and Goa would be the second such state to launch the same. “Twenty two-wheeler ambulances would be procured in July and would be pressed into services immediately,” he said.

“Facilities like oxygen cylinder, injections which are required to stabilise the patient would be mounted on these two-wheelers,” Rane further said.” Besides, 10 new ambulances (four-wheeler) would also be procured and would be fitted with equipment needed to stabilize a person who suffers from a cardiac arrest.”

“The cardiology department of Goa Medical College is preparing a protocol required to be followed while treating such patients in these new ambulances,” he said.

We at MotorWorldIndia feel that initiatives like two wheeler ambulances go a long way in defining the difference between life and death and appreciate the Government for the same. Hundreds of lives are lost every day mainly because of the reason that the emergency services could not reach the patient on time, getting stuck in our perennial traffic jams. With the two wheeler ambulances, the delay in medical attention would be greatly reduced and this has the potential to act as a savior to many a lives.