Hyundai launches its latest brand campaign ‘Beyond Mobility’

Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) has introduced its new brand campaign ‘Beyond Mobility’ that encapsulates the company’s commitment and aspirations for the India of tomorrow. Drawing its inspiration from Hyundai’s Global Vision of ‘Progress for Humanity’, the ‘Beyond Mobility’ campaign has been pegged on three pillars of Intelligent Technology, Sustainability and Innovation.

Commenting on the campaign introduction, Mr. S S Kim, MD & CEO, Hyundai Motor India, said, “Hyundai has embarked on a journey to further strengthen its brand image as technologically advanced, sustainable and innovative. As a customer centric organization, we aim to elevate customer interactions with our brand, not just in the realms of mobility but create experiences that are beyond what is conventional. We understand that time is our most precious possession and we want to empower our customers with quality time. So we are redefining our services and experiences that create memories and surpass expectations of our customer thereby delivering quality time. Under the aegis of Hyundai’s global vision of ‘Progress for Humanity’, HMI’s new brand campaign ‘Beyond Mobility’ reinforces its commitment of future mobility which is intelligent and thrives with sustainability.”
Launched nationwide, the campaign reinstates Hyundai’s global vision of ‘Progress for Humanity’- to help people understand and believe that tomorrow’s hyper connected automobiles will not only have advanced technology power their core, but also have intuitive features greatly enrich their lives. Capturing the evolving consumer needs and technological developments, the campaign illustrates HMI’s approach to be the consumer’s lifetime partner. The brand campaign will encapsulate the company’s capabilities to go beyond in every aspect of customer’s smart mobility experiences and has been developed on three pillars:
Intelligent Technology – is at the heart of everything that we do:
At Hyundai, we are developing technologies – that are intelligent, advanced and future ready. Technologies that deliver quality network experiences for consumers. Technologies that go beyond mobility by being a part of customer’s experiences and lifestyle.’
We are continuously elevating customer experiences with technologies that are intelligent, advanced and future ready, taking customers beyond mobility with solutions that synergize with their lifestyle. Helping customers spend ‘Quality Time’ with their loved ones while on the move, Hyundai offers advanced connected solutions with Bluelink that is available on 8 models in India, with up to 60+ connected features on certain models. Moving forward, we will engage with people, reinforce their connections and strive to create new ones at every single touch point.
This will be perfectly reflected in new digital ready, convenience driven approach to pre-sales, deliveries, services and more.
Sustainability – holding the key to the future:
Hyundai’s vision for future mobility is guided by our commitment to create a brighter and better tomorrow for Humanity. Sustainability holds the key to our future, and at Hyundai we continue to focus on creating sustainable solutions that don’t just create a positive impact for customers but for humanity as well. Through our initiatives across verticals, we will continue to evolve our processes, revisiting resource management from a renewable lens and become a beacon of hope for the sustainable progress of society and communities. Our environment initiatives, across our factory, dealer network and services aim to contribute towards betterment of society and nature.
Our manufacturing facility at Chennai is almost self-sustainable in terms of its reliance on water. We practice 100% rainwater harvesting at the manufacturing facility. With 6 ponds providing a total water storage capacity of 3.35 lakh kilo liters, we aim at absolute self-sustenance – targeting zero external water dependency by 2025. In addition to that, 89% of the plant’s reliance is on renewable forms of energy. Our environmental initiatives are not only limited to factory but we are also taking these initiatives to our dealer network through initiatives like Dry Wash program, usage of LED lights and harnessing renewable energy. The significance of all of these efforts and actions converge with a common purpose of creating a better tomorrow. Consumers will be able to see a side of Hyundai that truly brings prosperity to this country.
Innovation – ushering in a new era of choices
Hyundai has been at the heart of innovation across the automotive landscape. With our evolution from a manufacturer to a smart mobility solutions provider, we have redefined customer’s mobility experiences. We are moving forward with a vision to engage with people and striving to make every brand interaction a memorable one for our customers. We are therefore evolving towards creating an innovative ecosystem that takes care of everything with it – choice of transmissions, convenience to own, lifestyle membership programs and much more. Our Click to Buy end to end car buying platform is getting great traction from our customers delivering them seamless engagement with the brand. With our 30+ partners on Hyundai Mobility Membership, we are offering lifestyle solutions to our customers making their journey with Hyundai memorable. The campaign is curated to promote Hyundai’s focus on intelligent technologies, sustainable initiatives and innovations that usher era of choices to our new age customers. It captures how user needs are evolving towards an integrated ecosystem and beautifully depicts the future of mobility that can deliver meaningful experiences making every moment truly worthwhile and rewarding.
The 360° outreach campaign will utilize print, TV, radio & digital medium and will showcase multi-dimensional visual perspective using minimal elements for bringing out ‘Beyond Mobility’ as the core of the Hyundai’s campaign.