Maruti Suzuki Teams with Gurugram Police to Promote Pehni Kya Seatbelt Campaign

Maruti Suzuki has been promoting its safety campaign called ‘Pehni Kya’ for some time now. The main objective of the project is to raise awareness on regular usage of seatbelts while driving. Maruti Suzuki has teamed up with the Gurugram Police and rolled-out a month-long road safety campaign.

Maruti Gurugram Police

The campaign under ‘Sabhya Roads, Bhavya Gurugram’ aims to promote a safe driving culture with a focus on seatbelt usage. The initiative was launched by Deepak Gahlawat, Deputy Commissioner of Police – Traffic & Headquarters, Gurugram and Mahesh Rajoria, Senior Advisor, Driving Training, Maruti Suzuki in presence of senior members from Gurugram Police and Maruti Suzuki.

Maruti Gurugram Police

Under the campaign, road safety promoters called ‘Traffic Buddies’ will be stationed across the city to identify traffic rule followers and offenders. The followers will be gratified instantly the details of the offenders will be passed on to traffic police. The campaign also encourages all Gurugram residents to become ‘eyes of the Gurugram Police’. They are invited to report non-compliance on a dedicated WhatsApp number (9999981800) directly to traffic police.

Maruti Gurugram Police

The Maruti Suzuki campaign in Gurugram, with engagement exercises and social media outreach, features many elements that will strike a chord with the residents and encourage them to wear seatbelts both in front as well as on rear seats while driving.

“This new chapter of stricter enforcement of seat belt and citizen engagement is another important step to promote road safety in the city. We are happy that Gurugram police has partnered with us on the PehniKya campaign. Over the next few weeks, we hope to bring in an attitudinal change in the mindsets of Gurugram residents and encourage them to practice safe driving,” Mahesh Rajoria, Senior Advisor, Driving Training, Maruti Suzuki said.
“The initiative aims to create a positive ecosystem that enables seamless enforcement of traffic laws, encourage adherence through proper recognition,” he added.

Maruti Suzuki earlier conducted a national survey to find out the usage of seatbelts in India. The results are very disturbing as only 25% of Indians wear seatbelts while driving. In order to promote usage of seatbelts and to educate people on the importance of wearing them while driving, the company has created a social campaign called #PehniKya?