MG announces the launch of the “Safety Fast” Magazine now in India , to be available online free of cost .

MG India today announced that they will be launching the Award-Winning ‘Safety Fast’ magazine in  India on 27th July 2020. First published in 1959, Safety Fast is the official magazine of the MG Car Club. The name is self explanatory , ” Safety Fast ” describes the subject which the magazine  is devoted to – speed with safety.

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The name “Safety Fast” came into existence when  Ted Colegrove, MG Car Company publicity manager in the 1920s , was driving through Oxford late in November. He came up behind a bus, which had a large triangular sign painted on its back with the words ‘Safety First!’ running through it . This was to show that it was fitted with brakes on all four wheels – a new innovation then, and that it could stop quicker.

New photo by Motor World India / Google Photos

Ted thought it would be a great slogan if altered to read ‘Safety Fast’. Back at the Abingdon works, Cecil Kimber, the father of MG, was sitting at his desk with an advert featuring the current slogan ‘Faster than Most’. Someone had added the word bicycles to it mischievously. It now read ‘Faster than most bicycles’. Kimber was livid and saw that ‘Safety Fast!’ could not be tampered with. He instructed Ted Colegrove to go ahead and use it. Since then, the MG Car Company used the ‘Safety Fast!’ slogan in a lot of their advertising.

New photo by Motor World India / Google Photos

The magazine will be published monthly and will be available for download for free, for all automotive enthusiasts and classic car aficionados on the 27th of every month in a PDF form.

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