Renault Kwid – The Art Edition

Who can know better than an artist that any blank surface is a potential canvas to unleash your creative thoughts?! Last evening Mumbai’s art district saw the unveiling of one such fantastic piece of art, namely the Renault Kwid, painted by Sen Shombit, the creator of Gesturism Art.

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Sen Shombit, a French artist of Indian origin, holds his exhibition , “De’sordre” in Mumbai at ICIA Gallery from 9th to 22nd November, 2016. Inaugurated by Yves Perrin, Consul General of France in Mumbai, this expo showcases Renault’s first Kwid art car by Sen. This art car gives us a glimpse into the dialogue between Sen and the car, between art and technology, between painting and design. Sen painted this beautiful car at the Renault Design Workshop in Chennai. The theme is Ville Enigmatique, where we can see a skillful blending of Indian colonial and trading history and French culture, revisited through the Gesturism Art approach. The beauty of his style perfectly marries the innovative features of the Kwid.

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Here’s what Patrick Lecharpy, Renault’s Design Director in Paris had to say about this awesome art – “In the Kwid that Sen painted at our invitation, it’s the first time an artist has narrated a story through his painting style in an art car, in contrast to earlier art cars done by famous artists like Lichtenstein, Warhol, Koons and Calder that showcased the artist’s style of art. I am fascinated by Sen’s bi-cultural aspect in his art. The Kwid art car vividly reflects his French inspiration, Indian colours through ‘Ville Enigmatique’ where he juxtaposed historical French Bengal and Victorian Bengal with traditional Bengali life that continues till today.”

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The 2016 Auto Expo in Delhi Renault saw the unveiling of the 1.0L Kwid, where the AMT version was also showcased. Built on the all-new platform called the CMF-A Platform, jointly developed by Renault and Nissan,the Kwid becomes the first car model to use this platform. This would be later be shared for other car models from Renault, Nissan, (Lada and Samsung other markets). The Kwid is light-weight, weighing only 669 kgs, making it around 100kgs lighter than its closest competition, the Maruti-Suzuki Alto.

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Copy & Pics by Vaishali Tillu Kowli