UK Government bans sale of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040

UK Government has announced yesterday that no petrol and diesel powered cars can be sold in the country by the year 2040. The Government has further added that all vehicles sold must be fully electric. This move from the UK Government is part of its plan to clean up air pollution. The reported move follows soon behind a similar announcement made by the French Government earlier this month. While no Government officials were immediately available to comment at the action taken by Britain’s environment ministry, the move is clear sign that the British Government has taken complete cognizance of the perils of fossil fuels.


The UK Government has further clarified that the sale of hybrid vehicles which combine an electric motor to either a petrol or diesel engine will not be considered under the ban. The government has been under tremendous pressure to take measures to reduce air pollution after losing legal cases brought by campaign groups.

Under the proposals announced on Wednesday, local authorities would be able to charge levies on the drivers of the diesel vehicles on the most polluted roads from 2020, if air quality does not improve. On a separate but a related note, German auto major, BMW has confirmed that it has chosen its plant in Oxford, England as the location where its new electric Mini shall be manufactured from 2019.

diesel pollution

As far as auto manufacturers are concerned, Swedish car maker Volvo has taken a bold initiative to set a date for phasing out its vehicles which are solely powered by an internal combustion engine. In fact, Volvo has stated that all its car models to be launched after 2019 will have either electric or hybrid powertrains.

With fossil fuels depleting and being a major cause of environmental pollution it is high time manufacturers start focussing and investing on vehicles powered by alternative powertrains. Initiatives like these help shaping up the industry in a positive manner and lend a sense of direction and progress.

[Source: BBC News]