#VoteforChange campaign launched by Datsun

Datsun India has launched the new brand campaign #VoteforChange on June 1st, 2017 to celebrate its three years of fulfilling the dreams of owning accessible mobility, building trust with their customers by focusing on their needs.

Datsun Party

The aim of the campaign is to break the longstanding conventional mindset of the Indian customers on the small car segment. #VoteforChange uses election as a theme to create an innovative but light hearted brand campaign to capture its customer’s attention.

Eletions are periodic opportunities for the country’s citizens to get noticed by showing their choices, acting on them and send a strong signal to the people who want to govern. Elections also lead to changes, create volatility, get new people emerge to disrupt the conventional order. Datsun, through its campaign #VoteforChange shows a way for people to declare independence especially the first-time car buyers who have had little choices when it comes to small car segment which has always been dominated by the major players.

Datsun Party VFC

Through the campaign, Datsun has reached out to its young Indian buyers who are always hungry for a change and urges them to exercise their right to new choices rather than conventional choices; this it does through an innovative method of social activations and story-telling.

Commenting on the new brand campaign, Jerome Saigot, Vice President, Datsun India, said, “Datsun is a challenger brand and we have been competing with the established players in the industry for three years now. Our new #VoteForChange campaign was sparked by the notion of elections and choices. We believe that the secret to making a change is to focus positive energy–not on confronting the old, but building the new. Datsun aims to strike the right chord with young risers in India through this campaign.”

The #VoteforChange campaign consists of a labyrinth of multimedia activities including television commercials which feature celebrity Vinay Pathak playing various quirky avatars to capture the attention of people and make them realize their option to change.

You can watch the videos of the TVCs here

Video 1 -> Why settle for less, Vote for more

Video 2 -> Welcome the change India wanted