Aston Martin Valkyrie is the definition of futuristic design

While it is common for auto manufacturers to tease us with prototypes and concepts which look straight from the future, it stops with that. Most manufacturers do not dare to take the concept to production and even if they do, they tone down the design so much that sometimes you would find it difficult to actually trace its roots to the concept.


But that is not the case with Aston Martin; and definitely not with its Valkyrie concept. The vehicle might look like that it is straight out of a Sci-Fi movie from 2050 but the hyper car is as real as it gets. Aston Martin is currently teaming up with Red Bull Advanced Technologies to develop this ‘stylish to the next level’ concept into reality.

While the Aston Martin Valkyrie might hit the roads sometime in 2019, it is in the news once again to show off its body which is almost ready for production.Aston Martin’s Creative Director of Exterior Design, Miles Nurnberger, says that the exterior is 95 percent ready, so basically what you see is what you get; but only if you are among the 150 people who might be fortunate enough to lay their hands on this one hell of a designed car.


Aston Martin Valkyrie was earlier shown a year ago when the two companies were working on the car’s exterior to ensure smooth flow of air around the car. In fact, both the companies were looking at F1 inspired head lights which are 30-40% lighter than any head light cluster in any Aston Martin today.

To fully understand how both the companies are focussing on keeping the Valkyrie as light as possible, take the example of the Aston Martin wings badge which is different than what the other Aston Martins have. It’s manufactured out of a chemical etched aluminum only 70 microns thick, thus making it 30 percent thinner than a human hair and at the same time a whopping 99.4 percent lighter than the regular badge.

It is understood that even the interiors are made out of carbon fiber for the same reason. Please comprehend this; a 1030 kg car powered by not less than 1000 HP. This is serious man!

Aston Martin is also planning to manufacture 25 track oriented version of these monsters. How much rubber is going to get burnt on the tracks, no one knows!!!

[Source: Motor1]