Myanmar Defence Services chief visits Tata Motors, Sanand Plant

Tata Motors is one of the major auto manufacturers in India with extreme diversification ranging from Small Commercial Vehicles, Passenger cars to Commercial trucks. In fact, the company is one among the few Indian automotive firms which have a complete range of wheeled-defence mobility solutions across multiple segments.

Myanmar lead visit to Tata Motors plant_3

Recently, a high-level defence officials’ delegation from Myanmar visited the Sanand facility of Tata Motors this Monday. Tata’s Sanand facility is not only one of the best examples of Tata’s engineering capabilities where in the Indian Auto Major had set up the state of the art plant to build Ratan Tata’s dream car Tata Nano but also the best showcase of Tata’s time bound engineering where in it had to transport an entire factory from West Bengal and re-build it in Gujarat. Led by senior general Min Aung Hlaing, Commander-in-Chief Defence Services, Myanmar the delegation’s visit was part of Hlaing’s eight-day visit to India aimed at strengthening the ties between the two neighbouring, peace loving nations.

Myanmar lead visit to Tata Motors plant

The company’s head of international business, Rudrarup Maitra was also present during the visit, along with other senior officials from the Embassy of Myanmar in New Delhi and the Embassy of Indian in Yangon. Officials from the Indian Army as well as the Gujarat government were also part of the visiting delegation.

The company was very keen to showcase its entire product range to the visiting delegation and also the technological feats it is capable of achieving. The delegation was also given a 360 degree tour of the manufacturing plant.

A company statement here claimed that the delegation and especially the Senior General evinced a keen interest in the Tata Motors product range and the technology and process capabilities at Tata Motors.

Myanmar lead visit to Tata Motors plant_2

Tata Motors has been associated with the country’s off-road defence and security forces, since 1958 and has supplied over 1,50,000 vehicles to the Indian Military and Paramilitary forces, so far. Tata Motors also exports its range of specialised defence vehicles to the SAARC, ASEAN and African regions.