A deeper look into Audi A8 ‘s loaded techs and gizmos

So, the German luxury marquee Audi has launched the latest version of its flagship Audi A8 recently in Barcelona, Spain. Being a flagship, it is loaded to the grille as expected and we had covered the launch with the details here.


Audi says that new 2018 A8 represents the future of the luxury automobile class.To be honest, the 2018 Audi A8 does not look that much different from its predecessor. It is a little bit bigger overall, and it comes in 12 exterior colors including three all-new shades, but it is a conservative and an evolutionary approach that we suspect most Audi followers will appreciate. The Audi A8 being an Audi has thrown in a lot of futuristic technologies that makes up this flagship and we thought we would bother you with those little details and explain the gizmos a wee bit more here.

On the outside, in the front, the biggest difference is the new single frame grille with additional tweaks to both the front and the back. Flagging it on the either side are the new HD Matrix LED high beam headlamps which now throw in LASERs. These LASER systems double up the range of high beams at speeds above 70 kmph which is when they get activated.


The Audi A8 also gets an all new virtual cockpit with a digital instrument cluster that displays key vehicle information in full HD resolution of 1,920 x 720 pixels. The 10.5-inch center infotainment screen sits flush on the dash, and the biggest difference compared to the current Audi A8 is the complete lack of buttons and knobs.

Audi’s new Multi Media Interface relies more on the touchscreen and voice commands to access various functions, though main functions can still be accessed through steering wheel controls. Aural and tactile feedback helps drivers know when commands have been entered and executed. Cool, isn’t it?


Then Audi has thrown as much as 41 different driver assist systems in the 2018 Audi A8 and the MMI can be configured with six different user profiles to personalise around 400 different functions which include the smart navigation system, optional heads-up display, smartphones connect, bevy of cameras and sensors around the A8, the 3D audio system and so on. And the relaxation seat too, if you opt for the long-wheelbase A8 L. Relegated to the passenger side rear, the relaxation seat provides various heating/cooling and massaging functions as well as a footrest that also includes foot massaging functions. Luxury personified.

And then there is the Auto Pilot System. Aided with an army of lasers and cameras the Audi A8 can drive and manoeuver itself as long as the speed is below 60 Kmph. In fact, the Audi A8 can park itself in the garage without even requiring the driver to be present inside.


Coming to the suspension, Audi has incorporated an electric motor for each wheel, allowing the system to adjust suspension load independently. As a result, Audi says the Audi A8 can exhibit the isolated comfort of a luxury limousine and also be as agile as a sports car. Best of both the worlds it is.

While Audi has gone with a more evolutionary approach with the 2018 Audi A8 in terms of design, rest assured, the multitude of features incorporating the latest and greatest tech is worthy enough for the facelift.

[Source: Motor1]