Audi inaugurates Audi Gurugram showroom, launches ”My Audi Connect” app and announces its Digitalization strategy

Audi, the German luxury car manufacturer has put the pedal to the metal in the field of technology, completely integrating the car of tomorrow into the digital world of the customer today. The brand with the four rings introduced a host of tech-driven new-age solutions for customers as well as its dealer partners under its Digitalization strategy on the sidelines of inauguration of its new Audi Gurugram showroom. The showroom boasts of a huge 10500 square feet area which will put on display a fleet of 21 cars out of which 14 will be pre-owned Audi’s under its “Audi approved plus” wing located at Trilium Avenue Sector 29, Gurugram 122016. This latest dealership is spread over a total area of10,500 sq. ft. with a 21 car display, the showroom is equipped with Audi’s signature honeycomb façade on the exterior. This brand new setup also boasts of a state-of-the-art workshop, inaugurated earlier this year; it is spread over an area of more than 48,000 sq. ft., including 33 bays and houses exclusive body shop facilities.

Audi has also launched its all new device “My audi connect” which covers a wide gamet of offerings controlled by a cell phone app. It will help customers in a lot new features. You can now, Track your vehicle, See the vital information about it like fuel level etc Irrespective of how far away from the vehicle you are. It can also provide alerts for any disturbance or even towing alerts.

The German car maker has also introduced something called Driver Behavior analytics which keeps track of how the car is driven and makes a score card , which can be compared to other drivers using the app and also to ensure that the vehicle is treated right The app will also provide a host of Concierge services like booking a table at a Restaurant, a movie , a event etc. This system will work in sync with any audi from the year 2011 till present. It also offers music by audi and other music streaming services. It will also provide storage for digital documents like insurance , registration etc. It is a step by Audi to connect the customer the vehicle and the company together seamless to provide the customers with a hassle-free after sales relationship.

“Our ‘VorsprungdurchTechnik’ is truly on display today. The state-of-the-art Audi Gurugram showroom, Audi’sDigital Retail elements and the Audi e-tron, all epitomizea new era of technology and advancement,” said Mr. Rahil Ansari, Head Audi India.

“With the inauguration of our world-class showroom in Gurugram, we are strengthening our market presence forfurther capturing the market share in North India. The new set up boasts of Audi’s Digital Retail elements that transforms purchase into a seamless experience. TheAugmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology enables complete visualization and customization right at customer’sfingertips.With the Virtual Reality Studio, Audi cars can now be viewed realistically with accurate details.The strategic location of the Audi Gurugram showroom will cater to a larger audience all over this region and we are pleased to associate with the highly experienced team of Kristan Auto in expanding our presence here,” added Mr. Ansari.

Audi also showcased the Audi e-tron, the first fully electric SUV from the brand with the four rings.The India-bound sporty SUV combines the space and comfort of a typical luxury class SUV with a range suitable for everyday use, catapulting the driver into a new era with the electric all-wheel drive. Audi plans to get the e-tron into India in 2020. Audi also announced that they would be launching 30 car models in India by 2025 of which 12 would be Electric Vehicles.

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