Carberry Enfield reveals a 1000cc V-twin Enfield engine

Well, if you are someone who has been following the motorcycling scene closely, you would know that Australia based Carberry Enfield specialize in modifying Royal Enfield motorcycles without compromising on their character. You might also remember that it has been more than a year since Carberry Enfield had moved its operations to India. So what has been cooking there at their Indian workshop? A new 1000cc engine true to the original Royal Enfield heritage of course!

carberry-enfield-1000cc-v-twin-engine (Copy)

The engine in discussion is a new litre class, 55 degree V-twin mill, having a bore and stroke of 84 mm and 90 mm respectively. The air-cooled, Over Head Camshaft (OHC) engine has four valves and is capable of producing a maximum power 56.32 bhp at 4800 rpm and a peak torque of 108 Nm at 5250 rpm!

Forget BS3, as per Carberry Enfield, the carbureted version of the engine meets the tougher BS4 emission norms and there is also a fuel injected version of the engine in the pipeline! Carberry Enfield products are usually known for their reliability and reliability of their steeds is something that Royal Enfield owners yearn. This news should definitely rejoice every owner out there.

Currently, only the power-plant has been revealed by Carberry Enfield and a fully ready Enfield motorcycle should be still some months away. So, if you think that you will be able to see the bike in action, you will be disappointed but don’t fret yet! When the V-twin come to life, the thump should definitely make you feel excited!