Rolls Royce models see price drop across the entire range

Luxury cars buyers in the country always had to contend with the steeper pricing of the products in the segment mainly due to the higher taxation and duties. But if you are one those super rich and well off car buyers and eyeing at a Rolls Royce model, it is time to rejoice!

Rolls-Royce-symbol (Copy)

The British car maker who has the “Spirit of Ecstasy” as the bonnet ornament on all their cars has slashed the prices of all their models sold in India. The price cut ranges from Rs.1 lakh to Rs.55 lakhs, depending on the model. The price cut is mainly fueled by the devaluation of price-sterling which hovers around Rs.80 post the Brexit. This has lead the British manufacturers to export models at rates which are handsomely cheaper than the pre-Brexit period.

Now, the Indian line up of Rolls Royce, which boasts of models like the Ghost, Wraith and Dawn see a starting price of Rs.4.37 crore and goes up-to Rs.5.7 crore. With the launch of a new successor to the Rolls Royce Phantom being expected soon, the current version of the top of the range model has been discontinued. The newer models like Ghost Black Badge and Wraith Black Badge also see a drop in the prices with both retailing at Rs.4.93 crore and Rs.5.7 crore respectively.

Rolls Royce is not the first English manufacturer to take advantage of the falling pound-sterling prices and slash the prices of their models. Earlier, the Tata owned British manufacturer Range Rover had also slashed the prices of their models in India. The Range Rover Sport which has got a price cut of Rs.30 lakhs now retails for Rs.1.04 Crore. Even the Range Rover Vogue now costs Rs.1.56 crore down from its earlier price tag of Rs.2 crore.
Other British manufactures like Aston Martin and Bentley too have made their line-ups more affordable. With the luxury car market already teeming with a positive outlook post the implementation of GST, reduction in prices of the British cars will definitely heat up the competition in the segment. Game on.