CEAT Launches New Puncture Safe Tyres For Motorcycles

CEAT Tyres announced the launch of its new Puncture Safe Tyres for motorcycles. These new range of tubeless tyres will offer a technology to consumers that will resist loss of air pressure, in case of puncture allowing a hassle free and safe ride. The tyres are currently available in Kerala, Bangalore, Mysore & parts of Karnataka as well as Coimbatore & Salem in Tamil Nadu.

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Talking about the unique initiative, Mr. Amit Tolani, Chief Marketing Officer, CEAT Tyres Ltd, said, “Our aim has and will always be to ‘Make mobility Safer and Smarter.’ The CEAT Puncture Safe tyres were launched with an aim to save our consumers’ time and energy, and to deal with the most common problem for any two-wheeler rider; a flat tyre. The self-healing feature of these range of tyres is its biggest USP that we believe will attract a lot of customers. Modern problems require modern solutions and we at CEAT are working towards finding those solutions for our customers.

New photo by Motor World India / Google Photos

The ‘Puncture Safe’ range is designed to prevent the tyre from deflating at the point of puncture. This property is provided by patented Sealant developed in-house by CEAT that seals the punctures, making the range a truly self-healing tyre. This tyre also comes in a unique box packaging, which is also patented. Also, the sealant can seal punctures for nails upto 2.5 mm in diameter. These tyres are secure, unique and performance oriented that will improve the safety of a two wheeler rider, eradicating any potential accidents caused due to punctured tyres. The CEAT puncture safe tyres are available in seven different sizes while being compatible with popular selling motorcycles and can be reviewed at www.ceat.com.



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