Harley Davidson’s first electric motorcycle under development

Harley Davidson motorcycles are known for their laid back, comfortable cruising position and engines comparable to sleeping giants.

Harley Davidson, the famous motorcycle brand from US known for its vintage motorcycles had recently confirmed that the company is planning to launch at least 100 new models in the next decade by 2027.


While this news is electrifying enough, the other news which definitely carries even more electricity is the confirmation from the motorcycle brand that the list will include at least one electric motorcycle.This news was shared by none other than Mr.Bill Davidson who is the great grandson of the Harley Davidson’s founder William Davidson and Vice President of the Harley Davidson Museum, last week. He had also revealed that the electric motorcycle project is seeing good strides.

As of now, Harley Davidson has not defined any timeline for the launch of its first electric powered motorcycle. The American motorcycle company is not new to the concept of electric motorcycles either. It had earlier showcased its Project Livewire in June 2014. The bike was a radical departure in terms of styling when compared to traditional Harley Davidson motorcycles and most importantly carried a battery pack instead of an internal combustion engine. The bike was good enough for 74 bhp power and 70 Nm torque from a battery of rating 7 KWh and had a range of around 75 km which by modern internal combustion engines standards is peanuts.


Mr. Bill Davidson further added that though the electric bike may not have the signature exhaust note of Harley Davidson bikes, it will have its own unique exhaust output similar to a jet fighter. He also chose not to answer when he was asked about any electric series of Harley Davidson motorcycles planned for the future.

Just like how electric cars are getting some traction in the market now with the launch of Tesla electric vehicles and their impressive success, Harley Davidson is surely on the right track when it comes to electric motorcycles. Though, we feel, mainstream electric motorcycles are still some time away in the future, initiatives like these from a major motorcycle manufacturer shall do a whole lot of good for the development of electric motorcycles.