Hyundai Tucson N performance version in the works !

Hyundai hints that a high performance variant of its famous SUV, Hyundai Tucson N is under development.


When you talk about Hyundai, you can attribute many adjectives to the brand – futuristic designs, reliability, long feature list comes to mind. But sporty will never be one of them.

To change this perception about the brand from the minds of the people, Hyundai had setup a performance division which will work on its products and create a sporty one out of them. It seems now the Hyundai’s N division which is now headed by Albert Biermann has a lot of performance cars in its pipeline and the first one to come out of the womb is rumored to be i30 N hot hatchback.


In response to a question from motor news agency Drive, Biermann hinted that there would be no limitations on the list of vehicles from Hyundai stable which would wear the ‘N’ badge and that the i30 N is the first high performance Hyundai in the line of vehicles to follow. He had also claimed that the next in line would be the coupe version of the i30 hatch followed by a completely new, ‘designed from ground up’ Veloster which is slated for a launch next year.

Coming to the point of discussion of the article, he had also revealed that a performance variant of the company’s premium Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) Tucson would also make it to the future. He was of the opinion that the platform on which the Korean brand’s Tucson is based is a natural one to derive a high-performance SUV out.


Nowadays, more than conventional sedans, it is the SUVs and Crossovers towards which people flock to for their aggressive appearance and road presence. Even during the times of falling automobile sales, the SUVs and Crossovers command stable sales numbers. Though SUVs are known more for their practicality, high performance SUVs are not unheard off, example being the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk which can seat five comfortably, has plenty of space inside and more importantly has a 707 hp supercharged Hellcat Hemi V8 as its heart.

With many speculations running rife, it would be interesting to see how buyers would respond to a performance hatchback from a brand not known for that. If Hyundai is able to attract buyers towards the N badge which should see the light of showrooms by the end of this year, then the Korean brand’s idea would never turn sour after all.