Jaguar C-Xonca Concept is sexier than you thought!

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Are you a fan of designs? Then this sure is happy news for you! Created by designers Minol Patrice and Maxence Texier, the Jaguar’s all new concept model is known as the C-Xonca. It has a much sleeker design than the F-Type and a number of futuristic design elements…indeed making it stand out from the other cars and also giving it a sporty and amazing new look. This model that looks great from literally every angle, is one of its kind.


A glance at it from the front shows us that the Jaguar C-Xonca doesn’t have any kind of grille and instead sports a single air intake at the base of the bumper. This is just the beginning….it also incorporates a trendy pair of slim LED headlights and a front clamshell, which also includes a set of beautifully sculpted front wheel arches and quarter panels. It possess an intriguing design with doors which open like gulls’ wings, stretching from the front wheels all the way to the rear wheels. These doors then flow into the roof and down to the taillights. Isn’t that amazing? It is a pleasure to look at such a well designed beauty, all set to please the Gen-Next.

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Looking at this lavishly designed model the Jaguar C-Xonca, one would easily forget about the Jaguar F-Type which was a successor to the legendary Jaguar E-Type. But given a chance to choose between the F-Type and the C-Xonca, which would you choose? We’re dead sure it would be the Jaguar C-Xonca. The unique design and grandeur of this model will surely take you aback with just one look. If you’re a fan of design-oriented cars, this is surely what you wouldn’t want to miss!

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