Genesis G90 Special Edition launched at 2017 Seoul Motor Show

Hyundai’s newest car, the Genesis G90, has been changing people’s perceptions of Korean auto mobiles, being packed with technology and luxury. The company went another step ahead by debuting the Special Edition of the G90, and some announcements about new developments that are yet to come, at the Seoul Motor Show.


The G90 Special Edition, stands out due to its dual-tone paint finish. It is said to be “inspired by a finely-tailored gentleman’s pin-stripe suit.” The Genesis comes in three different variants, metallic brown paired with matte grey, matte grey and silver, and metallic blue along with solid white.

All three variants feature a coach line that is painted by hand and runs across the full length of the car’s flank. The interior is upgraded as well, with the addition of a Nubuck leather trim, upgraded carpeting, accent stitching and a lot more. Adding together all of these features, one can make out a vehicle that is strikingly similar to a Bentley, and more unlike the Hyundai, which seems to be the aim of the South Korean auto mobile manufacturer.

There seems to be no reports about whether or not it is or will be available in the US, although there has been news that the car was apparently used very recently in order to chauffeur VIPs to and from the Oscar party hosted by Vanity Fair in Los Angeles, last month.

The original G90 comes equipped with two kinds of engines, a 365hp 3.3-litre twin-turbo V-6 as well as a 420hp 5.0-litre V-8. Both come with an eight speed automatic and rear or all wheel drive

However, the fancy special edition was not the only surprise the company had in store for the Motor Show. Genesis used the opportunity to announce plans to produce two electric versions of the G90. A plug in Hybrid version would be released by 2019, and a fully electric version would be launched in 2021. That’s something to set it apart from Bentley.