Jaguar to unveil its Jaguar XE SV ‘Project 8’ soon !

The Jaguar XE was launched a few years back with the new range of sensible Ingenium engines. Jaguar, before getting the XE sedan into production, was constantly benchmarking it against the likes of its Jaguar F-type which hinted that Jaguar was not just looking at a conservative sedan but also more of a performance oriented sedan with sporty dynamics to give its major rival BMW 3-series a proper run for its money.


Now Jaguar has released a new set of teasers which confirm just that. The teasers reveal a camouflaged Jaguar which is nothing but the Jaguar XE SV ‘Project 8’ which is scheduled for an unveil during the upcoming Goodwood Festival of Speed 2017.

Historically, all the models to which Jaguar had added the name ‘Project’ were excellent examples of mad cars designed to shred and burn rubber on the tracks. So, when Jaguar calls this XE model as ‘Project 8’ we can definitely know what to expect. With the ‘Project 7’ Jaguar did the same with Jaguar F-Pace. And with its latest ‘Project 8’, Jaguar is all set to replicate its success with the Jaguar XE sedan. Jaguar does not just believe in plonking larger displacement engines into its successful models to create a monster version out of them. It goes one more step beyond that – it creates the most powerful version of a Jaguar ever built. Fascinating, right?


The Jaguar XE ‘Project 8’ is rumored to be powered a massive 5.0 liter supercharged V8 petrol engine and the Jaguar engineers attached to its Special Operations Arm (SVO) have succeeded in extracting more than 600 PS of power from the beast.

As of now, Jaguar has not revealed the performance figures and the price of the Jaguar XE SV which probably would be revealed only after the model’s unveiling at the Goodwood Festival of Speed which starts on June 28. Jaguar has confirmed that the model will only be available as a limited edition with only 300 examples of it to make it to the production. To ensure exclusivity, the pricing of the model should also be a bit on the higher side. Jaguar should also make available a more mainstream powerful variant of the Jaguar XE to take on its rivals in the BMW Ms and Mercedes AMGs. But whatever it takes, this Fiery Cat is sure to set many tracks on fire!