McLaren venturing into hybrid power systems, BP23 previewed

McLaren has previewed the styling of its new, ‘codename’ BP23 model for the first time.

mclaren bp23

The new model is expected to become the most powerful road-legal McLaren, which is currently held by McLaren’s P1 model. The new model is billed as a ‘hyper-GT’, featuring the latest in hybrid technology- showcasing elements like McLaren’s next-generation carbon fibre structure.

McLaren has set a goal such that at least half of the models it builds would incorporate some sort of hybrid power system by 2022. In these, the model BP23 is to be one of the first of these new-generation hybrids. The model boasts a combination of McLaren’s twin-turbo 4.0 litre V8 and electric propulsion, which will allow it to be even more powerful than the P1’s 903bhp.

McLaren boss Mike Flewitt said: “If you think that the base engine that went into the P1 has now developed into the 4.0-litre in the 720S, then that side [of the power train] will clearly evolve.” Regarding the design ideology, he added, “For us, it’s all about attributes,” he said. “If we can get the performance, it doesn’t matter if it’s 12 or 10 or eight or six. We’re not wedded to cylinder count, but we are wedded very much to performance and excitement.”

Rather than follow the design of a sports car, McLaren have focused on making the BP23 an “incredible road car”, according to Flewitt. This means that the model will be designed in order to cover long distances in a short amount of time, and in comfort.106 units are intended to be made in the first production run and sold to the first customers for an estimated £2 million.

The car itself is being developed by McLaren’s usual road car team, but each model will then be made unique and personalized by the McLaren Special Operations (MSO). Flewitt has also ensured that McLaren does not plan to stop there, and fully intend to keep developing the model, looking for new and innovative ways to improve and evolve the design scheme, all the while keeping to the design philosophy.