LaFerrari for $4 Million, is it really worth it?

On its first premiere in the United States, Ferrari’s LaFerrari was marked at a price just over 1.2 million, basically ensuring that the car would be a luxury affordable only the wealthier spectrum of enthusiasts and collectors.


The LaFerrari itself has been touted to be, in the words of Ferrari, the Italian marque’s most ambitious project yet, with just 499 being made. Thereby guaranteeing owners a place in a rather, exclusive club, with a very high membership fee. This exclusivity established a massive initial demand, which more than justified its fat-wallet price point.

The LaFerrari’s demand continued to rise exponentially- four years since its initial showcase, and the prices have soared to extreme rates, with used prices that dwarf other hyper cars like the McLaren P1 and the Porsche 918 Spyder.

As a direct result, many owners are now looking to respond to the demand for the LaFerrari by making the biggest bang for their buck. Just last year, a satin black Laferrari was sold for $4.7 million and the final example sold for $7 million. The LaFerrari’s value has sky-rocketed, and any owner looking to profit will find no better time to do so than in this current market.

For a recent example, an owner in Houston, Texas was offering to sell their recently bought Laferrari for $4 million. The car had just 400 miles on the clock, and looked to be no worse for wear so, this $4 million rate was more than reasonable.

So it should be of no question that, in the current market situation, this Silver LaFerrari’s 4 million dollar valuation is justified. At least, until enthusiasts shift their attention to the LaFerrari Aperta- which was produced with an even more limited quantity, and could very much challenge the demand of the LaFerrari, potentially marking an eventual decrease in its value.


LaFerrari owners better be prepared for a very possible fall in short term prices, till the market environment stabilizes and the prices begin to invariably increase once more.