Mercedes-Benz Introduces Waterless Car Cleaning Solution ‘Quick & Clean’ on World Water Day

Mercedes-Benz has introduced Waterless Car Cleaning Solution ‘Quick & Clean’ on the occasion of World Water Day. Water Shortage is one of the major challenge the world is facing currently and many countries face acute water shortage. Use of water in wash cars adds to this problem as one time wash of a car uses around 100 litres of water.

In order to stop the wastage of precious water, Mercedes-Benz India introduces a waterless car cleaning solution for domestic use – ‘Quick & Clean’. The product not only saves water but is environment friendly also which prevents the ground water contamination from harmful chemicals of shampoo used for car washing along with water. The initiative is an effort to save precious ground water upto 10,000 litres per car each year.

Mercedes-Benz Quick & Clean copy

Speaking on the introduction of the new products, Roland Folger, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India said, “At Mercedes-Benz we value preserving the environment, and our concerted efforts are towards attaining environmental objectives. On world water day, with an intention to stop the wastage of potable water for car washing at home, we have introduced Waterless Dry Wash for domestic use. This initiative will not only save millions of litres of potable water, but will also provide a superlative ownership experience by presenting innovative products and services to our discerning consumers. Following the introduction of the country’s first state-of-art BSVI diesel engine in the new S-Class, we are now glad to launch yet another unique and environment friendly product range.”

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Quick and Clean is the first of its kind self-use at home, dry wash concept which is innovative, eco-friendly, cost effective and waterless cleaning solution. 

‘Quick and Clean’ or waterless wash is an innovative initiative from Mercedes-Benz which when performed properly, gives the same or a better finish just by cleaning the vehicle with special cloth. It is an environmental friendly product which do not affect the user and the environment. When water is used for washing along with shampoo, this water is absorbed in the soil, which contaminates the minerals in the soils. Further, groundwater channel may get polluted and contaminated due to the use of alkaline solutions in shampoos. However, on the contrary, if only water is used, it leaves behind traces of minerals on the vehicles, monograms, door mouldings and in some cases, accelerates corrosion.

“Quick and Clean” offers streak free cleaning of glass as well as painted surface, rubber and plastic surface. It helps in eliminating figure prints and small residues of dirt. Being mild on skin and not harmful to health, it is biodegradable and therefore environmentally friendly. The product is approved by the material testing department of Daimler AG.