Mini Scooter from Dumb Dumber Movie for Grabs

If you seen the slapstick Hollywood comedy of the 90s Dumb Dumber you will very well remember the Mini Scooter featured in it. Well thats the tiny looking hand built scooter that Jim Carrey rides along with his co star Jeff Daniels on the freeway to Aspen. They are out to return the bag of money that Jim has found forgotten by the beautiful lady in his Taxi.
Dumb Dummer Scooter
The very tiny scooter is up for sale on and the latest bid is for $34,200. The hand built mini scooter was specially built, intact they built two of these scooters for the movie and one was gifted to Planet Hollywood for keeps this is the other one that is with Gordie Merrick who was the transportation coordinator for the movie then.
Dumb Dummer Scooter
As per Gordie this scooter was used for the closeup riding shots for the movie. The listing on eBay also states that the scooter is in perfect condition and in running order. The listing adds that the scooter was never ridden outside the shooting location as it is not street legal.
Dumb Dummer Scooter
The scooter has some parts replaced to keep it running and the deal also includes a matching briefcase, helmet used in the movie, and original seat cover as seen in the movie. To further authenticate the scooter it also carries a notarized letter stating the authenticity of the scooter.
Dumb Dummer Scooter
The seller adds in the listing that the proceeds from tis sale will be donated to the Best Friends Animal Society. The bid is still underway and can be seen here.


Dumb Dumber released in 1994 and was a runaway hit of its time, the movie is remembered even today by its fans for the mad mad dumb comedy. The movie also had sequels to it later.

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