LIVE : Honda launched Activa 6G BSVI starting at Rs.63,912.

Honda motorcycle and scooters India Pvt Lmt , today launched the latest generation of the much loved  Activa , its all new BSVI ACTIVA 4G at a starting price of Rs.63,912 for the standard and Rs.65,412 for the deluxe variant ( ex showroom New Delhi) .

The new Activa comes with a bunch of new features , the fact that it is developed with 26 patent applications goes to further establish that . BS VI Activa brings Indian scooters at par with global standards with the help of the latest technology by Honda called , ESP ( Enhanced Smart Power).  It optimises energy output by maximising efficient combustion and minimising friction with a silent start and a smooth eco-friendly engine.

The ESP technology is an integration of a few things like the jolt free ACG starter which uses the same AC generator used to generate current and charge the battery while riding , hence eliminating the need for a conventional starter motor , thus , there are no gear meshing noises. Two mechanical features lead to the engine start with less effort , the first being efficient utilisation of decompression with slightly opened exhaust valves ( at the beginning of compression stroke) followed by the SWING BACK feature which rotates the engine in a slightly opposite direction, which allows the piston to take a running start , making it easier to start the engine with less amount of power.The Start Solenoid , acting as an automatic choke system ensures rich air fuel mixture and provides the convenience of one time start at any point of time.


The Programmed Fuel Injection ( PGM-FI) , injects the right amount of fuel in cylinder based on specific engine data and constant feedback from the 5 sensors resulting in linear power delivery .

Honda developed the world’s first TUMBLE FLOW technology , through integrated die-casting process . The ESST ( enhanced  smart tumble technology ) produces tumble flow by optimising inlet port shape and using reverse flow phenomenon , without adding additional components leading to combustion improvisation. The offset cylinder , compact weight crankshaft & optimised piston reduces overall engine friction hence , providing better fuel efficiency .

Honda claims that the new Activa will have a 10% better mileage over the outgoing model with a completely new HET engine.

The Activa 6G also comes with Telescopic suspension , resulting in an increased ground clearance of 18mm, while retaining the same seat height, it also comes with a bigger 12 inch front wheel , 3 step  adjustable rear suspension, increased floor space and a longer seat . There is also a dual function switch for accessing the 18L under seat storage and operating external fuel lid. It now also boasts of a engine start stop dedicated button.

The Activa 6G comes with a special 6 year warranty package ( 3 years standard + 3 years extended ) and is available in 6 colours , Glitter blue metallic , Pearl spartan red , Dazzle yellow metallic, Black , Pearl precious white & Matte axis grey metallic.

Words and images : Govind Gadekar

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