Nissan Launched Highly Updated Nissan Connect App

Nissan India has launched a highly updated version of its customer centric app, the Nissan Connect app. Nissan had launched the Nissan Connect app in 2017. As per Nissan the new updated app is now even more detailed and now gets 18 new features on four key pillars – control, convenience, safety & security and social sharing.

Nissan Connect 2

Nissan is offering the Nissan Connect app services free of cost for the first three years to its car buyers, existing Nissan customers can also retrofit the interface on their Nissan cars at a cost of ₹ 15,000. Nissan is offering the Nissan Connect app on the Nissan Micra, Nissan Sunny and the Nissan Terrano.

Nissan Terrano Sports

Overall the Nissan Connect app offers more than 50 features. Features of this app include notifications on idling run time, set speed limit alerts, offer geo-fencing along with other features. There also is an emergency calling feature along with a SoS button along with track and trace, tow-away alert and automated impact alert as well. You can also connect with other Nissan owners, make a plan for a road trip, and share it with other Nissan owners as well. One can also book service appointments, get an update on the condition of the car and should you wish to know more about other Nissan cars, the app can do that as well.


Peter Clissold, Vice President, Marketing, Nissan Motor India Private Limited said, “The future of mobility lies in bringing innovative technologies. At Nissan, our vision is not just about bringing in better technologies but also enabling our customers to have a safe and stress-free car ownership experience. The more advanced and intelligent Nissan Connect, will enable our customers to be more confident and in control of their vehicles even when they are not in it. Nissan Connect enables 24×7 vigilance and keeps you updated on your car’s whereabouts so you can relax and go on with your life.”

NissanConnect: Key features


The more advanced and intelligent NissanConnect CONVENIENCE

  • Way to my Car
  • Last 15 Minutes Trace
  • Quick Reference Videos

  • Smart Drive Score (Eco + Driving)
  • Intelligent Route Guidance
  • Idling Run Time
  • Drive Time @ Night
  • Vehicle Battery Alert

  • Curfew Alert (Time fencing) with multiple entry/exit
  • Geo Fencing with multiple entry/exit
  • Tow away Alert & Track
  • Track & Trace (Chauffer)

  • Manual SOS (Panic Button)
  • Automated Impact Alert
  • Safety Alert – Harsh Braking
  • Safety Alert – Over Acceleration
  • Safety Alert – Sharp Turn

  • Nissan Community – Advanced including Group Trips
  • Smart Drive Grand Prix