Product review – Fitbit Inspire HR – Simple, Versatile & Flawless

In a current world of trendy smartphones, futuristic smartwatches that run on multiple sensors and space age gadgeteer it is very likely that you would also desire to use and own a fitness band and the Fitbit Inspire HR could just be the one that you are looking for. We will tell you just that in our detailed review of the Inspire HR right here.

This is a fitness band that tracks all the bare essentials that one may need which includes steps, sleep, calories, distance and also brings a few tricks that you wouldn’t expect in a device of this price range. You also have dedicated training modes for Treadmill, running, cycling and also swimming.

The Inspire HR can easily be one of the most understated wearable device from the Fitbit stable. In terms of dimensions the tracker measures just 37 x 12.6mm and weighs just 7 grams while it weighs 20 grams when it is attached to the bundled silicone strap. At 16.2mm, it’s a bit on the thick side, but you won’t notice it once you strap it on.

The Inspire HR looks and feels well built even though it is made of plastic. The silicon strap also has a neat satin feel and finish to it and yes this strap can be removed as an when needed. You can also plug in from a variety of straps and bracelets of different colors and finish to suit your taste and mood. The Inspire feels extremely comfortable on the wrist and looks trendy.

You can easily swap the bands by simply using the pin system. As mentioned Fitbit has a wide variety of leather, metal, and woven straps and bracelets and also many third party ones can be got easily online or offline.

The Inspire HR comes with a OLED screen that is a bit smaller than the one seen on the Fitbit Charge 3. You get touch control and single-button , touch navigation, and a variety of clock faces. The unit is also water resistant up to 50 meters, so you need not worry while taking it to swim or wearing it in the rains.

The Fitbit Inspire HR comes with inbuilt apps which include Exercise, Relax, Timers, Alarms, and Settings. Using all of these is a breeze and they work flawlessly without any bugs or lag. You have to go to the Fitbit app installed in you smartphone if you want to change the clock face or set your exercise modes as per you which again felt like a breeze to use.

The best part, as plays, is the Today screen, accessible by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Here you’ll see all of your stats, including sleep, weight, menstruation, and anything else you’ve set up, all synced and up-to-date in ur mobile app.

You also receive live notifications from your smartphone on the which is very handy when you are working out at the gym or maybe cycling, you just turn your wrist and the display automatically lights up.

The Fitbit Inspire HR may not have a color screen, library of apps, music controls, and GPS that are featured on Fitbit’s more expensive devices or other smart watches start a much higher price range but what this device has is the much needed and used fitness tracking system in place and that works flawlessly.

Battery life easily reached 6 days with full usage that included regular workouts and notifications. Charging is via the provided magnetic charging port that connects to the base of the device unlike other bands where you have to remove the strap and then charge and then put the straps back on. Charging is pretty quick and rapid too.

The most important thing to consider when buying an Inspire HR is ease to use and it’s flawless functionality. No this can’t be compared to any smartwatch, not in terms of price nor form factor and it doesn’t even try to be one. So if you want a sturdy dedicated and flawless fitness band with heart rate monitor the Fitbit Inspire HR is just the perfect one to get. The Fitbit Inspire HR is priced at ₹7,999 on Amazon while the non HR (Heart Rate) version sells at ₹5,899.

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