Super cars set to become cheaper by crores in Maharashtra

With the introduction of GST, state level Octrois have been abolished in 22 states. To compensate for the same, Maharashtra Government has recently hiked the road tax percentage by 2% across all slabs. This had brought in some disappointment to car buyers and sellers in the state.

Lamborghini-Huracan-Performante-India-Launch (22)

Incidentally, in what might bring more rejoice to luxury car buyers, the Maharashtra Government has also capped the maximum road tax amount to Rs.20 lakhs. With this, the MH Government plans to re route registration of luxury cars back to the state which were else getting registered in cheaper states such as Jharkhand, Pondicherry and Daman.

With this new cap on registration tax, the prices of luxury cars are set to fall considerably in Maharashtra. In fact, some luxury cars are set to get cheaper by more than a crore!

As per the new taxation system introduced in the Maharashtra state, Lamborghini Aventador S will cost Rs 1 crore cheaper as earlier the buyer was liable to pay 20% of ex-showroom price in Mumbai which was somewhere around Rs 1 crore and now with the new cap, the buyer is liable to pay only Rs 20 lakh. A fat saving of Rs.80 lakhs. If the same taxation system is applied on Buggati Veyron which costs around Rs 12 crore (ex-showroom), instead of paying an absurd amount of approximately around Rs.2.94 crores, the buyer has to shell out only Rs.20 lakhs which makes its on-road price cheaper by Rs 2.74 crore.


The GST had already made the cars in the luxury segment much cheaper as the taxation had come down from the previous 56% to 43% post GST implementation. Not withstanding, this move from Maharashtra Government to cap the road tax at Rs. 20 lakhs will definitely make them even more affordable.

With almost every major auto manufacturer in the luxury segment announcing price cuts post GST, other supercar makers such as Ferrari and Aston Martin are also expected to follow suit sometime soon. It means only one thing; if you are in the market to buy a super car, now is the best time to buy, especially if you are in MH.