TC-X sets new world record for an electric car in 1/8 mile drag

If you think Tesla is the only car manufacturer who is capable of producing mass market high performance electric cars, you are only partially right. While there are other manufacturers who do manufacture cars which are not quite as fast, there are some lesser known engineers who are capable of producing much faster electric cars, even if its just for their hobby. One such name is the True Cousins based out of Denmark, makers of TC-X electric car.

True Cousins

If you are under the impression that the True Cousins’ TC-X electric car isn’t tremendously quick, please get to know that a Tesla Model S needs around two extra seconds to cover a standing 1/8 mile. Yup.

The fact of the matter is, recently, the True Cousins have managed to get their TC-X electric car race away the 1/8 mile in just 4.89 seconds from standstill breaching the distance at 233 km/h (145 mph) making it a new record for an electric car to cover this specific distance.

Two years ago, the TC-X had set its first 1/8 world record, with a time of 5.74 seconds, which just goes to shows how much of a development the True Cousins have made on their electric car making the lightning quick car even more quicker.

IN fact, the TC-X can reach the speed of 100 kmph in just about one and a half seconds which is truly unbelieveable, but yeah, true. The moment the car jumps out of the line it just races away to glory in just a blink of the eye. 1/8th of a mile is thrashed in just 4.8 seconds.

This is not at all a bad improvement for a couple of guys who had just started experimenting with electric vehicles eight years ago with just a small electric motorbike and two 12V lead batteries.

You can watch video of that insane acceleration and the record breaking drive in this video link below: