Tesla all set to double the number of charging stations

The Palo Alto, California, USA based American Auto major Tesla has been witnessing some runaway success with its existing models, Model S – the all-electric sedan and the Model X – the all-electric crossover SUV. The adoption of alternative energy powered vehicles is seeing tremendous growth and is proven by the fact that the Tesla Model 3 which was unveiled in March 2016, has already seen some 3.25 lakhs reservations across the world. The Model S sedan is the world’s second best-selling plug-in electric car in history and the Tesla Model 3 looks all set to tread that path. Keeping in mind the upcoming demand for more charging stations and to support the travelling owners better, Tesla is all set to double its no of charging connectors across the world.

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A tweet by the company’s official twitter handle @TeslaMotors read “Charging is our priority. This year we’re doubling our Supercharger network & adding more chargers to existing sites”

The current charging network of Tesla includes over 5400 superchargers and 9000 destination charging connectors located in places of convenience such as hotels, malls, super markets and restaurants. This is expected to double with Tesla promising a network of more than 10000 superchargers and 15000 charging connectors across the world where its user base is spread. The major portion of this growth will be seen in North America which will see the number increase by 150% with the California state especially slated to get more than 1000 super chargers.

Easy access to charging stations is a major challenge to the adoption of all electric vehicles and Tesla is all geared up to increase its charging infrastructure with many sites already under construction. Though the locations have not been revealed yet, the hint is that these sites will be built along major highways and support charging of multiple vehicles simultaneously. Other sites will be located inside urban areas to charge conveniently for local use.