Why an iMT Transmission is better than a Manual Transmission

Experience the future of manual driving with Intelligent Manual Technology (iMT) – a new-generation, reliable, and superior transmission technology which removes the need for a clutch pedal but delivers on the thrill with a manual gear shift control. iMT relies on advanced features such as an intention sensor, hydraulic clutch actuator, and electronic transmission control unit to offer superior performance and efficiency.

Here are the top 5 reasons why iMT is preferred by consumers over manual transmission:

  1. Thrilling clutch-free drive experience: Forget the clutch fatigue and engine stalling at lower speeds as iMT offers a clutch pedal-free drive but with manual gear shift control eliminating the pain points associated with traditional manual transmissions. Drivers can still shift gears manually using the gear lever but without the need to engage the clutch pedal. This makes driving more enjoyable and immersive. This technology gives drivers the freedom and ease of driving a manual transmission without the hassle of a clutch pedal. This is a big boon in India’s traffic and road conditions.


  1. Improved fuel efficiency and a more sustainable future: Unlike traditional manual transmissions, iMT optimizes the engine’s power output and reduces fuel consumption. The clutch operation is controlled by actuators and the Transmission Control Unit (TCU), leading to a more efficient drive. Not only does this result in savings at the pump, but it also reduces your carbon footprint. With iMT, you will take a step towards a greener, more sustainable future.
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  1. No vehicle roll-backs on inclined surfaces: Remember, driving in hills and on escalation and worrying about your car hitting the car behind you. Well! Worry no more, as iMT will minimize this issue completely so that you can drive stress-free and safely.


  1. No engine stalling in high gears at low speeds: This is a very common issue in city and highway driving which can be ironed out with this technology.


  1. Reduced maintenance costs and improved clutch life: This transmission uses advanced features such as the intention sensor, hydraulic clutch actuator, and electronic transmission control unit which reduces maintenance costs overall including your clutch life. This is a big advantage over your manual transmission.