Resil launches Vista Car Care range of products

Resil Chemicals, one of Asia’s leading innovative formulators of silicone for textiles, has launched a new product to its exclusive product line, Vista Car Care Dashboard polish.It’s an advanced, quick, easy and effective liquid polish that extends the shine on your car’s dashboard and protects it while adding gloss and freshness to the dashboard.

Vista Car Care provides a complete range of premium car care products that help one maintain the car in its best appearance, all the time. With a wide range of products to take care of cleaning, polishing and ambient needs, Vista Car Care provides a 360 degree solution for maintaining your car in beautiful shape.

Vista Dashboard

The Vista Dashboard polish helps restoring and maintaining the matte finish of the vehicle’s interior trim and plastic by creating a rich shine and deep color on interior surfaces. The product has been designed especially for customers who have a craving for their dashboards to have a classy appearance and high sheen.

As per the statement by the company, the procedure for using the polish is very simple.”Clean the surface thoroughly to remove dirt and dust. Apply a small amount of polish with a clean sponge, soft cloth or spray gun and spread it in a circular motion, wipe off excess with another soft cloth. Buff to get an even shine” it says.The polish can be used on any surface irrespective of it being vinyl, rubber or plastic.

Resil is now one of the manufacturers of silicones for textiles. It has a wide range of products that take care of finishing, pre-treatment and speciality processes. The company also has a whole new range of products based on emerging technologies such as antimicrobials for various industrial applications.

Its products can be seen and bought by visiting the Vista Car Care website or by contacting either of the below numbers.

Mr. Sam: +919686433449
Mr. Deepesh: +919108982981