Auto Expo ’18 : TVS unveils the CREON, its futuristic E-Scooter

TVS today showcased its vision of future mobility solution for the evolving two-wheeler rider, the CREON. TVS CREON is a performance oriented, electric scooter concept, designed keeping in mind the global dream for a green future and uncompromised performance. The TVS CREON features a next-generation electric motor accelerating from 0 – 60 kmph in under 5.1 seconds and it boasts of a range of 80 kms with a charging time of 60 minutes for 80% of full charge, which is actually equivalent to charging your smartphone. The heart of the TVS CREON is powered by 3 state-of-the-art Li-ion batteries capable of delivering 12 kw of instantaneous power.  The batteries have been specially designed to ensure its minimalist design, which helps to keep the overall dimensions of the TVS CREON compact and maintain everyday practicality of usage.

The scooter concept is equipped with a state-of-the-art TFT Screen which displays the speedometer, battery charge and, health status, tachometer, trip meter and odometer.  The vehicle is app-enabled and offers a host of features including cloud connectivity, 3 custom riding modes, regenerative braking, park assist, safety, anti-theft, GPS & navigation, and Geo-fencing. The CREON also features an Aluminium lightweight perimeter frame, which provides the chassis stiffness and helps in improving the handling of the scooter. The front and rear discs with single channel ABS in the front ensure safe and precise braking for all road conditions.  The superior performance and sporty handling of the vehicle is achieved with advanced light-weight platform and optimized Center of Gravity (CG) distribution.  In terms of utility features, the scooter can secure a full-face helmet under the seat and is also equipped with a smart phone charger.