BMW 2019 1-series spied testing with heavy camouflage

BMW, the German marquee brand, based out of Munich, Germany is known for the wide variety of automobiles it has to offer. The BMW cars represent the best of technology, luxury, performance and safety in the luxury car segment. In the early 2000’s, when the market was warming up to the idea of smaller hatches but with similar performance level of their higher class sedans, BMW sensed the opportunity and launched the first 1-series. Since 2004, after the first launch, BMW 1-series has come a long way while still maintaining the fun to drive factor.


Now, thanks to some keen eyes on the German roads, the next generation of the 1-series has been spotted with some seriously heavy camouflage. The model in question seems to be a performance oriented variant of the 2019 1-series. Though the camouflage meant not much details could be captured, a few details are already known thanks to some scoops.

The new 2019 1-series will ditch the rear while drive configuration of the current line up of the 1-series and go for a more conventional front wheel drive configuration. Also confirmed is the detail that the model will come with a traverse engine layout rather than the currently employed longitudinal layout. Both the changes will ensure that the major complaint against the current generation 1-series will be resolved, ie the interior space, especially for rear seat passengers.But, how much of the “fun to drive” factor will be shed by the new model for ditching the RWD confifuration can be confirmed only after a proper road test. The new layout is based on BMW’s latest UKL platform.


The prototype has been spied with twin exhaust pipes, larger brakes and bigger wheels indicating that this might be a performance oriented variant. The 2019 1-series will again take the M140i name and could be the company’s answer to the likes of Mercedes AMG A45 and Ford Focus RS. Power delivery is rumored to be around 400 hp and will be channeled to the front wheels, with an option to direct the power to all the four wheels if the situation demands.


While this performance model will be the range topping variant, a selection of lesser powerful and more fuel efficient petrol and diesel versions will be available for the customers to choose from. A plug-in hybrid variant is also on the cards while BMW has not ruled out a possibility of an all electric 1-series in the near future.

BMW is expected to launch the new generation 1-series as a 5-door model by late 2018 or early 2019.

[credits: carscoops]