BMW X2 gets previewed around on the streets of USA

There was once a time when BMW had only the X5 in its SUV of line up. Now, the company is planning to have models right from BMW X1 upto X7. Recently, the company has teased its latest upcoming SUV model, BMW X2, which was previewed last year as a concept. The almost production ready car is doing the rounds on city streets completely camouflaged, trying to prove what is it capable off.


The BMW X2 does not appear to be the mini brother of the family’s BMW X4 and has a different take on styling; a styling that does not seem to be much different to that of the regular BMW X1. In fact, BMW has made a promise that the X2 will retain most of its concept’s looks. That being said, it is always better to wait for BMW to remove the camouflage from that of the production model BMW X2 before we pass on any judgement and we shall hold our comments until then.


The BMW X2 will be fourth model in the company’s lineup to be underpinned by the front wheel drive UKL platform after the 2 Series Active Tourer & Gran Tourer minivans, and the X1 crossover. All the other models mentioned are powered by a range of turbocharged three and four cylinder engines which are also shared by the mini. The X2, being based on the same platform should have a mix of these engines under its hood definitely. Expect BMW to throw in its xDrive setup into one of the variants and a top end BMW X2 M performance variant should definitely be on the cards.


While the X3 through X6 are built in Spartanburg, United States, along with the X7 when it reaches production avatar, the X2 is going to share the assembly line with the standard X1 at the Regensburg factory in Germany. Speaking of Deutschland, it’s the country where the official premiere of the “crossover-coupe” is slated to take place next month at the Frankfurt Motor Show. At the same venue, BMW will also have on display a concept version of the aforementioned X7, quite possibly with a fuel cell powertrain.

[Source: Motor1]