Bugatti Chiron ‘s official fuel economy figures are here

The Bugatti Chiron; a 2.7 million dollars hyper car produced by Bugatti which can be afforded by only the wealthiest of the wealthy of this world, to buy and maintain. And speaking of which, what are, exactly, just some of those maintenance-related costs? How much fuel economy does the mighty Chiron return? While none of its owners would never bother about it, if they had, they would have never landed up with a Bugatti Chiron in the first place, it would be still interesting to see its fuel guzzling specification just for the sake of it.


Bugatti has recently announced fuel economy figures of its mighty Bugatti Chiron and, not surprisingly, it is not a Maruti. Not even close, and it never will. It is not bought by people with ‘kitna deti hai’ attitude. In fact, as per the revealed figures, it is now confirmed that it is slightly more efficient than the original Bugatti Veyron 16.4.

Over the EPA’s combined cycle, the 1500 horse powered Bugatti Chiron returns 11 mpg, not bad when you consider that the 987 HP Bugatti Veyron drank a gallon of fuel every 10 miles. This slight improvement in fuel efficiency also shows that despite the same basic, quad-turbo, 8.0-liter W16 engine being used by both the Veyron and Chiron, Bugatti engineers have refined it over the past decade.


On the highway, the Chiron is slightly worse than 2011-2015 Veyron and returns 14 mpg compared to the Veyron’s 15 mpg. IN city driving, the Chiron returns a respectable for its power 9 miles per gallon which is 1 mpg more than its predecessor.

These figures have been arrived at under standard test conditions by EPA using the European Driving Cycle and would be absolutely not possible to replicate in real world conditions. Not especially when you have 1500 HP on demand. These figures are only for academic purposes and if you care about these, you should definitely not buy one, well, if you can afford it in the first place!