Chevrolet dealers clearing stocks with massive discounts

Chevrolet India had announced its decision last week to quit the Indian market. Dwindling sales, lack of attractive models, poor brand perception all are the reasons why the car buying public had shied away from the American car maker. All these and coupled by the lack of proper future roadmap by General Motors had discouraged a lot of its dealerships across India to lose interest and shut down.

Currently, while its entire lineup of cars has been discontinued from sale for the Indian market, the American brand has assured that the existing customers will be taken care by its service network along with proper Road Side Assistance.

Now coming to the crux of the news, many of the GM’s dealers have quite a few number of inventory left to be sold. The dealers are desperate to clear these products and are offering massive discounts to clear off the stocks.


Reports from the website GaadiWaadi indicate that the Chevrolet Cruze, which is the premium flagship sedan from the stables of General Motors is now available for sale with INR 4 lakhs shaved off its original base price. Chevrolet Cruze has been available in both manual and automatic variants in the top of the line variant LTZ only. The manual LTZ which had been priced at INR 14.95 lakhs had a price correction earlier this year and was available at INR 13.99 lakhs. Now with another 4 lakhs off, it is available at a mouth-watering INR 9.99 Lakhs which is a steal! The LTZ automatic variant which had been retailing earlier at INR 15.95 lakhs is now available for 10.99 lakhs.

Chevrolet Beat

Now, coming to the company’s premium hatchback Chevrolet Beat, the earlier retail price of INR 3.95 lakhs has been slashed and is now available as low as INR 2.90 lakhs making it an excellent bargain. Also, the discounts on the model varies from INR 85000 to INR 1.25 lakhs based on the variant. So, what this now essential means is that, for the earlier full price of the Chevrolet Cruze, now you can have both the Cruze and the Beat hatchback, the company’s smallest offering!

The company’s flagship SUV, Chevrolet Trailblazer too is now cheaper by a whopping INR 8 lakhs, retailing at around INR 17 lakhs which is again a terrific deal. So, if you had your eyes on the Chevy models earlier, this is almost the right time to get one.

Chevrolet Trailblazer LTZ com motor de 3.6 litros a gasolina

Though service and spare parts should remain a concern, it is a gamble which you might need to take to get your hands on the Chevrolet models at these dirt cheap prices. But remember, you might never sell it off at a decent price after a few years of ownership.