Electric Mini Cooper Most Likely in 2019

The Mini Coopers have been a legend, fun to drive and amazingly cute to look at. Now the BMW owned brand Mini may actually start production of the Electric versions from 2019.
Mini Electric
Not many know but BMW used Mini initially to start off with their i Project which was their entry into the Electric Vehicle world. They then used the two seater project plonked a Battrey pack with electric drivetrain in place getting the e-MINI into life. The EV Mini then looked like a regular Mini from outside and was the first to feature the one pedal driving style then with a rather long drive range and short charge time. These were just test prototypes and were never sold.
Mini EV
Now in the full boom era of EV Mini is all set to revive its Electric Dreams, first Instalment of this was the Mini Electric Concept that was first previewed at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year. Later. a few more test vehicles were spotted. End of 2019 will be the year when the Mini EV would finally go into production with deliveries in full swing from 2020.
Minin EV
The Electric Mini Concept turned a lot of heads. This “futuristic presentation” with yellow accents features specially styled LED headlights, unique four-spoke wheels and a redesigned front bumper. After all, those big air vents up front aren’t needed with an electric powertrain.The concept is covered in “electric” insignia because of course you have to let the world know it’s powered by electricity instead of gasoline.
Mini EV

BMW in 2008 had also launched the Mini E, a “demonstration” vehicle developed for field trials and research. The Mini E looked just like the standard gas-powered Mini albeit with an electric powertrain that turned out 200 horsepower. Its 35 kilowatt-hour battery was good for a range of about 100 miles per charge.
Mini EV
Mini Cooper fans are surely electrified with this news