Fiat reveals pictures of its new Fiat Argo hatchback

Fiat reveals photographs of its upcoming Argo hatchback. The hatchback shall compete against the likes of vehicles such as Ford Fiesta and Chevrolet Sonic hatchback.


Fiat has finally released a set of photographs of its all new Argo hatchback. The hatch is first headed to Brazil and later shall be introduced in its other markets. The Fiat Argo is the Fiat’s global replacement for the decade old Fiat Punto and the ageing Fiat Palio which were getting too old and outdated for the competition.

While many of Fiat’s models in United States are churned out with retro looks, Fiat seems to have taken a different route for its rest of the global market. The designers, it seems, have been given more freedom in designing the hatch and they seem to have utilised it very wisely to design a stylish looking sporty hatchback.


The pictures show the new Fiat Argo in the HGT trim which has special highlights of red for the front and rear bumpers. Compared to the models it replaces, the hatch looks definitely stylish and owner shall be very well aware of it. The large glass area should give an airy feel inside the cabin while the aggressive stance should also accentuate the Argo’s crossover tinged appearance. The crossover design is one of the fastest catching up trend in emerging markets and Fiat definitely seems to have got caught in that flow.

As per the reports, Fiat is likely to launch the hatch with two engine options- 1.0 litre and 1.3 litre versions of the Fiat family’s Firefly engines. Transmission duties should be taken care by either a 5 speed manual or an Automated Manual Transmission (AMT). There is also a bigger 1.8 litre mill for a more sporty performance. The higher displacement engine is from the Fiat’s EtorQ powertrain family shall be available with a more traditional automatic transmission in addition to the manual one. All these engines run on either petrol or ethanol.


An Indian launch of the hatchback is not very likely considering the current situation of Fiat India,though a launch too cannot be completely ruled out.