HERO MOTOCORP launches the Splendor+ Black and Accent at a price of Rs 64,470/- .

Hero MotoCorp, has launched a new edition of the iconic Splendor motorcycle  the Splendor+ Black and Accent. The Splendor+ Black and Accent
can be customized with the graphics of customer’s choice at the time of purchase.The concept is a result of the company’s innovative ‘Hero CoLabs’ contest. As
part of the contest, participants from across the country created graphic design themes for the Splendor+ motorcycle. Out of the thousands of entries, the top 3 designs have been put into production. The Splendor+ Black and Accent will be available at a price of Rs 64,470/- across all Hero MotoCorp dealerships.


Malo Le Masson, Head of Strategy, Hero MotoCorp said, “This is an excellent example of Hero MotoCorp’s new Vision and Mission of moving ahead with a collaborative approach and achieving synergy between the digital and physical world. Within five months, we have put the winning designs, from the contest, into production and made them available to our customers. We will continue to bring more such creative initiatives in the future.”


The Splendor+ Black and Accent edition comes in an ‘All-Black’ avatar with black tyres, black engine and black chain cover. The stylish appeal can be further accentuated with a 3D Hero logo, which is available as an accessory.


At the time of purchase, customers can choose from three distinct design themes – Beetle Red, Firefly Golden and Bumble Bee Yellow. The graphic themes are priced attractively at Rs 899/- across the country. Customers can also buy the complete kit including graphics, 3D Hero Logo and Rim Tape at a Rs 1,399/-.