Hyundai Motor India Partners with Air Liquide Medical Systems to Augment Production & Supply of Ventilators

Hyundai Motor India (HMI) has entered into a partnership with Air Liquide Medical Systems Pvt. Ltd. (ALMS) a Manufacturer of ICU Ventilators, to augment the production and supply of Ventilators in Tamil Nadu and other states. With this partnership HMI and ALMS aim to achieve a target of 1000 ventilators in the Phase 1 of production, and to scale up subsequently. 

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Ventilators are medical devices used by healthcare professionals that take over the work of breathing from a patient who is unable to breathe on their own by delivering air with high concentration of oxygen to their lungs. For patients severely affected by COVID-19, ventilators are critical to ensure continuous oxygen is supplied to overcome respiratory insufficiency.

Commenting on this arrangement  with Air Liquide Medical Systems Pvt. Ltd. , Mr. SS Kim, MD & CEO, Hyundai Motor India Ltd., said, “Ventilators and other respiratory aids are critical devices in the fight against COVID-19 and to this end, Hyundai & Air Liquide Medical Systems are working together to ensure a steady supply of Ventilators in India. As a Socially Responsible and Caring Brand, Hyundai is committed to serving society in every way and will continue to support the Government in India’s war against         COVID-19.”

New photo by Motor World India / Google Photos

Commenting on the Partnership, Mr. Anil Kumar, MD, Air Liquide Medical Systems, India, said, “As a company that engages in supporting the healthcare professionals and systems worldwide, we have initiated a prompt response towards the fight against COVID-19 in support of the Government of India. We are confident that this collaboration with Hyundai MotorIndia will bring about a positive shift in this battle. We are one of the very few Global companies with a dedicated R&D to manufacture Ventilators in India. Air Liquide Medical Systems is employing all the resources available to manufacture innovative, easy-to use and high-performing ventilators and will hold the reins to deliver quality service across the country during this time of need, and to spearhead the Make in India initiative.” 

With a strong focus on Hyundai’s Global Vision of ‘Progress for Humanity’, HMI will continue to support the Government of India with multiple CSR initiatives for the betterment of society and communities.