Hyundai VENUE will be India’s 1st Smart Connected SUV

Hyundai has today announced that the Hyundai VENUE, their upcoming Compact SUV will be India’s first truly Smart Connected SUV with most advanced Connectivity solution- ‘Hyundai BlueLink’ when launched in May.

New photo by Motor World India / Google Photos

The Hyundai BlueLink is Hyundai’s global technology which will be introduced in the Indian market with 33 features out of which 10 would be India aspecific features for most practical and holistic connectivity with Safety, Convenience and various Vehicle Management Relationship Services. The Hyundai BlueLink will herald a new era of smart connected cars in India.

New photo by Motor World India / Google Photos

As per Hyundai the BlueLink is developed and rigorously tested in India for the customers keeping in mind their day-to-day needs, the challenges faced on Indian roads while driving and most importantly their need for Safety of their self and that of their vehicle. The SOS (Save Our Souls), Road Side Assistance and BlueLink button are on the Inside Rear View Mirror (IRVM) for easy accessibility. The BlueLink provides first in industry safety features like Vehicle Theft Tracking and Immobilization for recovery of stolen vehicles. The Speed Alert, Geo Fence Alert, Panic Notification and Share Destination brings complete peace of mind and assurance of Hyundai’s promise of safety. The remote control functions like Engine Start/Stop, Climate Control, Door Lock/Unlock, Horn Honk & Light and Vehicle Status will provide unparalleled experience to the customers in the Indian driving conditions.

Commenting on the introduction of Global Connected Technology Mr. Seon Seob Kim, MD & CEO, Hyundai Motor India said, “We are delighted to share that Hyundai VENUE, our upcoming SUV will come equipped with the Hyundai Global BlueLink Connectivity solution for our customers in India making it the Most Smart Connected SUV in the Market. The Connected car technology is becoming more interactive and intuitive connecting people to their families, work, and society with unlimited possibilities. Hyundai VENUE with BlueLink will create quality time and ease of life in 3rd space of customers by always being connected while they are on the go. The Hyundai BlueLink will revolutionize the future of Indian Connected Cars and we are very happy to be leading at the technology front.”

“With 10 India specific features, I am confident that Hyundai BlueLink will be the most Practical, Concrete and Convenient Connected car technology for the Indian market. The BlueLink technology will be available in future Hyundai Products starting from Hyundai VENUE, thus democratizing the technology and making it accessible for everybody”, he added.

Hyundai BlueLink has an in-built and tamper-proof device powered by Vodafone eSIM and a Cloud-based Voice Recognition platform from Global AI (Artificial Intelligence) Company. The device will project Real Time Traffic navigation and Live Local Search in collaboration with a global Map company. Another interesting aspect about the device is the Interactive Voice Recognition and the ability to catch any local English accent which has been developed specifically for customers from different regions in India.

Hyundai BlueLink safety features include applications such as Automatic Crash Notification (ACN) and Assistance, SOS Emergency Assistance, and Roadside Assistance. Also included are Emergency Alerts, Medical and Panic Assistance, Geo-fence which will send a text alert if the driver has ventured outside prescribed geographical location or time; and Stolen Vehicle Notification and Vehicle Immobilization among many other features demonstrating Hyundai’s commitment to safety.

BlueLink also features remote vehicle functions like Remote Engine Start/Stop, Remote Climate Control, Remote Door Lock/Unlock, Remote Horn Honk & Light and Remote Vehicle Status. The Primary owner of the car can connect many other family members or friends so that they will receive emergency notifications in case of any distress thereby providing peace of mind.

Hyundai BlueLink Connectivity Features









(Vehicle Relationship Management)



(Location Based Services)


Alert Services



(Artificial Intelligence)

Auto Crash Notification Stolen Vehicle Tracking Remote Engine Start/Stop Auto DTC Check Push Map to car from App Geo-fence Alert Voice Recognition – Indian English
SOS/Emergency Assistance Stolen Vehicle Notification Remote Climate Control Manual DTC Check Push Maps by Call Center Speed Alert  
Road Side Assistance Stolen Vehicle Immobilization Remote Door Lock/Unlock Monthly Health Report Live POI Search Time Fencing Alert
Panic Notification   Remote Horn Honk & Light Maintenance Alert Live Traffic Information Valet Alert
  Remote Vehicle Status Driving Information / Behavior Share The Destination Idle Alert
Find My Car   Live Car Tracking  
Share My Car Destination Set in Link with Schedule
        Location Sharing  



Watch this space for more details on the highly anticipated Hyundai VENUE.