JK Tyre reaches out to fight the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak

Continuing its bid to support the country’s fight against the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), India’s tyre manufacturer JK Tyre & Industries Ltd has implemented a series of public relief measures to ensure safety and health of citizens across plant locations in Mysore, Banmore, Kankroli, Chennai and Haridwar. In its ongoing commitment to extend support for immediate on-ground response, the company is reaching out to over 10,000 daily wage earners and migrants with food supplies in every region.


JK Tyre has also organised medical health camps across 25 villages and conducted surveys in residential localities situated in the vicinity of its manufacturing facilities across India. JK Tyre realises the need for creating mass awareness at the community level and has been organising drives to educate the commercial drivers, suppliers and other vendors about the precautionary measures against spread of COVID-19. To ensure safety of citizens in public places, masks and sanitizers are being distributed across all key locations. The company has also set up a Corona Task-Force; that undertakes measures for supporting the needs, health and well-being of colleagues, partners, and their families. Initiatives like virtual training sessions and interactive webinars with medical experts are being organised to help them cope with the impact of COVID-19.

Dr. Raghupati Singhania, Chairman & Managing Director, JK Tyre & Industries, said, “We all are faced with an unprecedented challenge and the world has become as one community in its efforts towards arresting the spread of COVID-19. While we are ensuring the safety of our family and employees, there is a large section of society that remains deprived of basic facilities. We are humbled to play our part in the relief efforts aimed towards the marginalised communities.”

Additionally, the conglomerate, JK Organisation has made a contribution towards the Prime Minister’s Fund and is dedicatedly working towards addressing the immediate needs of communities and migrant labour, at several locations across the country. Hygiene & Sanitation efforts: More than 20,000 hand sanitizers and masks were distributed covering even the residential colonies across all the locations.

Community-led initiatives: Communities in 150+ villages around the plant locations, across several states have been educated about precautions against COVID-19, by Public address systems, door-to-door visits, banners and posters at prominent locations. Fumigation has been done in nearby villages covering more than 25000 people.

Access to medical aid: 50+ Medical camps were set up in several villages to conduct first-level screening for COVID-19 symptoms among citizens and awareness drives were conducted for 5,000 truck drivers, suppliers/ vendors. Additionally, district health departments have been provided with ambulance, safety materials, masks, soaps and hand gloves. Isolation wards have been created near the plants and infrastructure support is being provided at primary health centers.

Support to Migrant workers: Distribution of food, medicines, sanitizers, drinking water and dry ration to 20000+ people at several locations across the country.

Food Supplies: Extending support to government officials, Police department and government hospital employees with packed food and drinking water with the help of NGO’s.

Care for employees, dealers & channel partners: Awareness sessions are being organised by Doctors from Pushpawati Singhania Hospital & Research Institute (PSRI Hospital), to educate them regarding their safety as well as of their families. Additionally, skill building webinars and online courses are being organised for the employees.