LML to form a joint venture with eRockit AG of Germany for Hyper Human Hybrids

LML Electric signed an LOI to form a joint venture with eROCKIT AG, the world’s most disruptive electric hyperbike manufacturer, based near Berlin, in Hennigsdorf, Germany. If the parties agree on the JV between LML Electric and eROCKIT, the mass production of these Hyper Human Hybrids will be manufactured in LML’s facilities in India (the erstwhile Harley Davidson facility) and sold globally, including in India. Many exciting products will be developed together with eROCKIT using their exceptional R&D and technical expertise in this category for the global markets. 

New item by Motor World India / Google Photos

This development will have a major impact on LML’s overall strategy as well as India’s EV landscape, ushering in a new category in the two-wheeler space that has been waiting for some innovation and disruption for quite some time. The existing categories of scooter, motorcycle, or moped have long been fatigued, and for all those who were looking for the excitement of a super bike, the fitness and active life support of an e-bicycle and the sustainability of an electric two-wheeler, together with top-end lifestyle imagery in a single solution, they will definitely find a perfect product fit in it. This will, in a true sense, fast track the adoption of EVs further on genuine merit. LML intends not only to industrialize this product based on German technology in India soon but also to localize it fully for the bike to be FAME-II compliant from day one. The Indian version of eROCKIT to be marketed by LML will have an additional throttle assist too to meet the CMVR homologation criterion, besides having GPRS-connected Telematics for an even superior user experience. 

New item by Motor World India / Google Photos

eROCKIT, the unique pedal-powered electric motorcycle, is actually a hyper bike that runs with effortless pedalling and has a top speed of more than 90 km/h supported by an advanced battery and electric direct drive motor. The innovative, clutch-free direct drive of the eROCKIT intelligently adapts to the intuitive pedal control. The operation is very simple: the human is pedalling and the bike, multiplying his muscle power many times, overwhelms the riders with an indescribable, magical driving experience. The eROCKIT- a Human Hybrid is not only unique but completely redefines the motorcycle riding experience, ably complementing an active lifestyle unlike any other two-wheeler. 

“With this new jewel in LML’s crown, the technology strength, manufacturing prowess, and disruptive consumer experience that we stand committed to offering, will get a new dimension altogether, besides meeting the high level of expectations of our primary as well as secondary TG. This will be irresistible for the millennials too, who probably don’t have any experience of LML other than hearing stories of LML’s “ahead of time” products from their parents until now. LML’s pace of progress is truly beating our expectations and we can’t be any more satisfied as this is no small achievement by any yardstick,” says Dr. Yogesh Bhatia, the CEO of LML, commenting on the new potential partnership. 

It remains to be seen when the Indian riders actually get to experience the Made in India eROCKIT which is considered the Tesla of electric two-wheelers. For the Indian EV industry, it is not only very good news but also opens doors for the top global EV brands for a made in India makeover, boosting the country’s EV ambition many folds in the two-wheeler space and meeting the price value equation for the global markets as well.